Our Nearshore Staff Leasing and Virtual Captive leverage ScreenIT’s existing
capabilities and resources to set up a nearshore operation in Mexico.



Both delivery models are a highly effective way of starting nearshore operations without the due diligence, costs, and long-term commitments required to start your own Mexico-based corporation.
Your end goal might still be to one day fully own and control the entire offshore operation.

In those cases, ScreenIT can offer a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) arrangement in which we will run through two main phases: ScreenIT will build and operate your nearshore operation for a certain period of time (Typically 2 years at least), after which we can transfer the entire operation to your own Mexico-based corporation.

After the transfer has been completed, you may opt to keep using any of our services and assets, this will give your brand new subsidiary the time to build up their own capabilities over a longer period of time without impacting operations. Good examples of post-transfer services are recruitment and technical support. You may also decide to lease some of our assets, which enables you to stretch out your capital expenditures over an extended period of time.



By starting your nearshore operation through our services, you are significantly lowering your risk when compared to immediately setting up your own Mexico-based corporation since you will not be making any investments or long-term commitments. Should your operation in Mexico fail, then you will be able to exit without major losses and sunk costs.


The transition phase can be executed in the course of many months during which your management team gradually takes over control of the operation from ScreenIT. This controlled transition will be a lot easier to execute when compared to direct incorporation, in which case your management team in Mexico must be able to perform straight away.


ScreenIT has been operating in Mexico and we know how to effectively operate here. During the Build and Operate phase of our BOT arrangement, you can learn from us and use that knowledge to perform an effective transfer.


ScreenIT can provide you with services even after the transfer of all operations to your own company. Many of our BOT clients, for instance, still opt to use ScreenIT for advisory and consultancy, manpower acquisition, and technical support. It enables them to execute the transition gradually and focus on the core production processes of the nearshore operation before looking at the overhead and support processes.


Our Build-Operate-Transfer services do not necessarily come with their own pricing model. For the Build and Operate parts of the engagement, we will use the pricing models of either our Nearshore Staff Leasing or our Virtual Captive service delivery models. Typically, these prices are based on a fixed fee per employee computed using that employee’s direct salary costs and a services fee that covers the costs of infrastructure, tools, support, and management. These costs are billed through a monthly cycle for the duration of the engagement.

During the transfer phase, we will be transferring talent and assets to your own local corporate entity. The mechanism of this transfer is typically captured in the services agreement that we sign at the beginning of the engagement and the actual details are worked out in a separate sales and purchase agreement which we draft and sign prior to the transfer.
All these details will depend on the nature of your nearshore operation and the resources that are part of this operation.