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By: Juana Martínez

Data That Tells A Story

To demonstrate that there is always a more effective, better and simple way of doing things, is one of my greatest goals in life; both personally and professionally; always making clear that the main benefit of doing what you love, in my case technology and innovation, is to be yourself.

Working life in Technology has left me several lessons and I would like to share with you the most valuable ones and those that have contributed to my growth the most.

“Do not start a trip without a map” – In the IT world, nothing can be left to chance, a well-defined plan, a path traced and the necessary equipment will get you to your goal; although they are not all that determines success. So before starting any project, I take a moment, a blank page and trace in a visual way what we want to get, a dream board, that over the months will become into a product.

“Turn your Achilles heel into your best weapon” – I learned that stubbornness is not so bad when you put it right and turn it into determination and patience. Thanks to that and in collaboration with different areas teams. I have had great successes in my career as a Research Line Manager in the Banorte Channel Development Laboratory, which resulted in the “Banca del Futuro” model and the introduction of data analysis for project monitoring.

“Among all, we know everything” – is the phrase I like to use to emphasize teamwork, highlighting that there are no levels, if not a horizontal cooperation based on knowledge and companionship, “we do not have a team, we are part of it” and it’s the coolture (yes, cool) that I try to transmit to the team every day.

Apart from technology, I have applied these lessons in many areas of my life, only to realize that this is the best project of all, and like in any project, issues sometimes arise, but nothing that good planning, the right team and a great determination can not overcome.

About the Author

Juanita is an Engineer in Computer Systems at the Technological Institute of Veracruz.

Through many years she dedicate herself to the world of software development and administration of large business projects, preparation and growth through various courses and certifications as Project Manager and Data Scientist.

In 2016, she founded Innova Analytics, a company dedicated to obtaining, analyzing and presenting data for management decisions for companies of any size.

In 2017, she joined Zourcing as Technology Director, where she give body and life to an idea that has transformed the way of recruiting in Mexico.

She is also an ambassador for Women In Data in Monterrey, Mexico, where she currently lives.

ScreenIT Collabs


By: Becky Mitre

From wishes to goals

How is 2019 going? Which projects did you start, which ones are still going on?

It is common to hear that New Year’s resolutions never really happen. Most people accept the fact that by February or March they will no longer go to the gym, they will probably have stopped saving money and so forth. New Year’s resolutions not being fulfilled or accomplished is a belief well accepted all across the world. Acceptance of this fact is actually not a good idea. When we fail to accomplish our goals, we are failing to ourselves. Our inner dialogue becomes destructive, our self-esteem decreases and we get into a vicious circle from which it is hard to recover.

What would happen if we accept the commitment to honor our goals? What would happen if we accept the idea that once a goal is set, we will make it make it happen? What does it take to change the collective idea of failing to New Year’s resolutions?

Honestly, I know it is possible to accomplish personal goals. I have been through the process myself and have seen a lot of people go through it. Thera are 4 key things that I have seen consistently to do so:

1.- Have few goals, probably no more than 3 per year. And focus to get small wins throughout the first couple of weeks. Keep momentum.

2.- Start with the easiest goal and celebrate success. By doing this, you really start becoming a person that fulfill her promises.

3.- Define your personal performance indicators and start measuring them. If you don’t track progress, it’s hard to improve.

4.- Visualize! See yourself as the person you want to become. Keep visualizing, every day as possible.

It is time to define your goals. No matter if 2019 has started. Goals can be set up in any moment. Define 3 goals, write them down, define the right indicators to measure them and visualize yourself as if you already have achieved them. It is worth doing the effort.

“Are you ready? What if for once and for all we change the collective idea that New Year’s resolutions are never fulfilled?

About the Author

Becky is a senior consultant and co-founder at Tracción Comercial and mentor at Endeavor. She has more than 25 years of exprience on the Marketing area, Innovation, Trade Marketing in transnational companies such as Kellogg, Johnson Wax and Unilever. Her specialty is strategic planning and the development of work teams with a focus on the potential of each person.