ScreenIT aims to make sure that small and medium-sized businesses understand the advantages of Nearshoring.


Nearshore outsourcing is an effective way of cutting your operational costs down by as much as 40%.


Enables you to operate and expand rapidly without the need for any capital expenditures.


Nearshore outsourcing enables you to enter into flexible agreements where you can ramp up or ramp down on a short-term notice and with minimum termination costs.

We want these businesses to realize that it is easy to establish a Nearshore operation and that you do not have to be a large multinational corporation to do so. The benefits of nearshoring for mid-sized companies are the same as those for small businesses and mostly revolve around maximizing growth, minimizing costs, and avoiding long-term risks.

ScreenIT strongly supports the small and medium-sized business segment and we feel there are untapped opportunities for nearshore outsourcing services. Our delivery models are ideally suited for mid-sized businesses.


A typical engagement with a medium-sized firm might start out with a short trial or proof of concept period. From there, they may use our nearshore staff leasing services to establish a small team. This team will quickly prove how easy and effective it is to work with nearshore resources and how much money can be saved when compared to staffing locally. From there, our clients will typically move more and more business processes to their nearshore team, sometimes to the point where their team is handling most of the day-to-day workflow processes of their business.

At some stage, the client may then want to further grow and customize their nearshore operation to the point where it becomes a virtual captive. This may include their own dedicated custom-built office space and an increasing involvement in the day-to-day operations management of the nearshore team. We have seen engagements grow from one full-time employee to 50 or more in a matter of months. As our mid-sized clients grow, so do your nearshore operations, which brings them into the large business segment.