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By: Juana Martínez

Data That Tells A Story

To demonstrate that there is always a more effective, better and simple way of doing things, is one of my greatest goals in life; both personally and professionally; always making clear that the main benefit of doing what you love, in my case technology and innovation, is to be yourself.

Working life in Technology has left me several lessons and I would like to share with you the most valuable ones and those that have contributed to my growth the most.

“Do not start a trip without a map” – In the IT world, nothing can be left to chance, a well-defined plan, a path traced and the necessary equipment will get you to your goal; although they are not all that determines success. So before starting any project, I take a moment, a blank page and trace in a visual way what we want to get, a dream board, that over the months will become into a product.

“Turn your Achilles heel into your best weapon” – I learned that stubbornness is not so bad when you put it right and turn it into determination and patience. Thanks to that and in collaboration with different areas teams. I have had great successes in my career as a Research Line Manager in the Banorte Channel Development Laboratory, which resulted in the “Banca del Futuro” model and the introduction of data analysis for project monitoring.

“Among all, we know everything” – is the phrase I like to use to emphasize teamwork, highlighting that there are no levels, if not a horizontal cooperation based on knowledge and companionship, “we do not have a team, we are part of it” and it’s the coolture (yes, cool) that I try to transmit to the team every day.

Apart from technology, I have applied these lessons in many areas of my life, only to realize that this is the best project of all, and like in any project, issues sometimes arise, but nothing that good planning, the right team and a great determination can not overcome.

About the Author

Juanita is an Engineer in Computer Systems at the Technological Institute of Veracruz.

Through many years she dedicate herself to the world of software development and administration of large business projects, preparation and growth through various courses and certifications as Project Manager and Data Scientist.

In 2016, she founded Innova Analytics, a company dedicated to obtaining, analyzing and presenting data for management decisions for companies of any size.

In 2017, she joined Zourcing as Technology Director, where she give body and life to an idea that has transformed the way of recruiting in Mexico.

She is also an ambassador for Women In Data in Monterrey, Mexico, where she currently lives.

ScreenIT Collabs


By: Becky Mitre

From wishes to goals

How is 2019 going? Which projects did you start, which ones are still going on?

It is common to hear that New Year’s resolutions never really happen. Most people accept the fact that by February or March they will no longer go to the gym, they will probably have stopped saving money and so forth. New Year’s resolutions not being fulfilled or accomplished is a belief well accepted all across the world. Acceptance of this fact is actually not a good idea. When we fail to accomplish our goals, we are failing to ourselves. Our inner dialogue becomes destructive, our self-esteem decreases and we get into a vicious circle from which it is hard to recover.

What would happen if we accept the commitment to honor our goals? What would happen if we accept the idea that once a goal is set, we will make it make it happen? What does it take to change the collective idea of failing to New Year’s resolutions?

Honestly, I know it is possible to accomplish personal goals. I have been through the process myself and have seen a lot of people go through it. Thera are 4 key things that I have seen consistently to do so:

1.- Have few goals, probably no more than 3 per year. And focus to get small wins throughout the first couple of weeks. Keep momentum.

2.- Start with the easiest goal and celebrate success. By doing this, you really start becoming a person that fulfill her promises.

3.- Define your personal performance indicators and start measuring them. If you don’t track progress, it’s hard to improve.

4.- Visualize! See yourself as the person you want to become. Keep visualizing, every day as possible.

It is time to define your goals. No matter if 2019 has started. Goals can be set up in any moment. Define 3 goals, write them down, define the right indicators to measure them and visualize yourself as if you already have achieved them. It is worth doing the effort.

“Are you ready? What if for once and for all we change the collective idea that New Year’s resolutions are never fulfilled?

About the Author

Becky is a senior consultant and co-founder at Tracción Comercial and mentor at Endeavor. She has more than 25 years of exprience on the Marketing area, Innovation, Trade Marketing in transnational companies such as Kellogg, Johnson Wax and Unilever. Her specialty is strategic planning and the development of work teams with a focus on the potential of each person.



By: Admin

5 Books For Success You Should Be Reading Right Now

We all know that reading is a great source of wisdom and inspiration, but sometimes it is hard to choose between many topics and authors. That’s why we made this top 5 list of books that will help you achieve success. Enjoy!

The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win by Jeff Haden.

Coming from’s most popular columnist, Jeff Haden, this business book was a highly anticipated, but practical guide to finding and maintaining the lasting motivation it takes to achieve great things in life. The book is based around Haden’s core belief that, “motivation” as we know it is a complete myth in our society.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson.

This New York Times Bestseller is built around the core argument, backed by academic research, that improving our lives hinges not on our ability to turn “lemons into lemonade,” but on learning to stomach the lemons better. It’s about setting realistic expectations for ourselves. Embracing our fears, faults and uncertainties to begin finding the courage, honesty, responsibility we seek.

100 Things Successful People Do: Little Exercises for Successful Living by Nigel Cumberland

This book offers both moments of respite and bolts of energy. Written by Nigel Cumberland, who has 25 years’ experience working globally in the corporate sector, it’s full of words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs to take on board. The book is simply laid out chronologically, As well as enlightening us on the 100 things to do, it’s peppered with inspirational quotations and personal reflections from the author, giving the tips credibility.

Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want By Saying What You Mean by Kim Scott

Good communication is a vital skill any entrepreneur needs but what if you’re not confident dealing with the hiring and firing that comes with employing your own staff? Former Google and Apple executive Kim Scott draws on her years of experience in Silicon Valley to provide a guide on how to be clear and firm with your employees without falling into false praise or aggression.

The Best Classic Book on Success: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Sthephen R. Covey

In this practical guide, Covey says that success starts from within, with your attitude and the way you eyeball those inevitable obstacles that pop up in your path. He almost dares you not to become successful if you embrace his advice. The book is a list of habits you’ll want to develop if you want to get ahead.

Have you read any of them? Do you have any more suggestions? Write it on the comment section!

If you want your business to grow or start a new career path, click here.



By: Admin

#DevStories – Mau

At ScreenIT we believe that developers are much more than people who just like computers and algorithms. That’s why we’ll be sharing #devstories of engineers who are not afraid to get out of their limits and dare to have awesome passions!

For today’s story meet Mau! Software developer on the week, pro rock climber on the weekends!

Special thanks to Paul Armenta for the stunning drone shots!

If you want to get out of your limits and start a new challenge click here

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By: Admin


What seemed to be the end has turned to be the beginning.

We don’t like to call our service “outsourcing” even though we have some of that.

ScreenIT has been in the industry for 10 years and since then, our core activity has been to create software development teams.  We are updated with technology tendencies and we can easily get in contact with this kind of talent in Mexico.

But in 2017 we decided to go an extra mile…
Read more



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The Perfect Mix For Inspiration- 5 Websites You Should Be Looking At

All great projects start with inspiration. And where can we find it? Is true we can find it anywhere; just look out of your field, read a variety of sources both online and offline, expose yourself to entirely different, random viewpoints to truly sparks up creativity.

But as we spend the majority of our time online we want to leave you with a mix of 5 of our favorite content and visual inspirational sites for those days when you don’t feel inspiration flowing.









A magazine every tech junkie should be constantly reading to keep up with trends and create new ideas. Wired tries to reflect the way in which technology affects culture, education, the economy and politics.









If you are a true gamer you should know about Polygon. It keeps up on news, critics and video game culture.









Like critical thinking? you definitely should be reading this online magazine. Leaded by thinkers of science, philosophy, tech and arts, Aeon ask the big questions and find the freshest and most original answers through essays, short ideas and videos.


The Great Everything







This online project explores ideas, stories and culture that bring deeper meaning and connections to daily life. Want inspiration to see, hear or think? You can find it here.









Looking for visual inspiration? Unsplash is your place to explore. Built by a community of photographers around the world you can find beautiful and aesthetic pictures and download or upload yours. Just type a word and get ready to catch the inspiration you are looking for 😉


Remember, always look for different points-of-view to open your spectrum of possibilities.



By: Admin

How To Stay Always Inspired

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it”. -Bob Dylan.

Firstly, we need to accept the “ever flowing” nature of inspiration. If we think that being inspired is a state we can fully master once and for all, we are signing ourselves up for massive disappointment. Inspiration is something that needs to be renewed every single day.

Like a car requires fuel to keep going, we have the inspiration tank that needs to be refilled on regular basis. If we push ourselves into action without “fuelling” our tank over time, we will face fatigue, boredom, and reach the state of burnout. The worst fate: we could give up.

We can’t go far without renewing our inspiration that “pushed” us into doing the action, or starting the process in the first place, so this is why here are some tips you can apply to refill your inspiration tank:

Be Strategic With Your Time
It is really important to plan your day and schedule time for all of your tasks. Distractions happen, but blocking out time for specific projects will help you not waste as much time.

Find your allies
Do not go into it alone! Surround yourself with people that bring you joy or cultivate your tribe. Use your network and step out of your comfort zone! It is all about the connections you make and how you present yourself.

Inspiration Through Collaboration
Team up! Some of the best ideas and outcomes come from collaboration with others. You never know where inspiration can stem from. Get your hands dirty and get more involved with the process. You can even schedule inspiration days to help narrow in on what inspires you.

Return To Your Roots
Come back to your roots and stay grounded. Remember what it is that made you start your process from the beginning. You will always have ups and downs but remembering what you love and why you started will keep you in check.

Continue To Grow And Learn
There is ALWAYS something you can educate yourself about more. Look to books, peers and other outlets to help you continue to learn and grow. Remember, creativity starts at the end of your comfort zone.



By: Admin

Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Once your are a living image of empowerment inside your team, it’s time to take the next step and unleash your employees potential to push through performance goals and raise the bars that lead to success.

But how can I empower my team? Here are some tips you can use!

Explain empowerment benefits.
Tell them why you want them to take initiative and how it can provide benefits such as more efficient problem solving, and out-of-the-box ideas that could stimulate growth.

Authorize decision-making.
Give teams the flexibility to make certain decisions without prior approval. Make that a normal part of how you do business and satisfaction will go through the roof.

Provide encouragement and recognition.
Recognize calculated risk-taking efforts even if they don’t pan out. Make them aware that it’s more about how they react to and learn from mistakes than the fact that a mistake was made.

Reward success.
When creative thinking pays off, offer some perks and make sure everyone in the office sees that initiative has its rewards.

Make a commitment to empower your team, you might be surprised by the improvements in productivity this could bring to your business.



By: Admin

Empowering Yourself To Empower Others

What’s the best way to empower those who surround you? By living an empowered life yourself. The best way to teach and inspire others is by showing with actions what you want to see in others; at the end, actions are the only thing that define us.

But how can I live an empowered life myself? Here are some tips you can apply on a daily basis!

Be Aware

The first step to make a change to a more inspiring life is to become aware of our present actions. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Does it make me happy? This allows you to recognise yourself, the environment your in and your power.

Develop a New Mindset

Your mind can be your best ally or your worst enemy. Reflect on your current thoughts. Are they serving you in a positive or negative manner? Cultivate a new positive mindset and acknowledge that you have control of your mind not the other way around.

Learn to Trust

Learn to trust on your own judgment and ability to decide. Make your choices and stick to them. Having trust in you and others allows you to let go of worry and doubt.


Take time out from your daily routine to relax. Meditation is an excellent way to free your mind and body of stress. Take a few minutes each day to seek out and enjoy silence.

Be Responsible

To be more empowered, you must know exactly what you are responsible for in your life. Knowing this allows you to be guilt-free from your choices and take responsibility for you and your life.

Share With Others

Allow people to see with actions how great you’ve become because of your new independence and peace.

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By: Admin

5 characteristics of a positive work culture

Having a positive work culture is not only beneficial for the employee, but also for the employer since it keeps the rate of work retention high, allowing to build a strong team more likely to achieve goals faster, effectively and contribute on your company’s growth.

When searching for a new job, it’s becoming more important for candidates to find a job that suits not only their values and economic expectations, but also the work culture they are going to be living every day. But, what would be having a good work culture inside a company? Here are 5 characteristics that will answer that question.

Receptiveness to collaborators’ needs
Employees usually feel more attracted by companies that offer benefits that allows them to find a healthier life/work balance. These may include: flexible work schedules, home office or study days.

Social calendar
A good balance of social integration together with adding a commercial activity is good for uplifting the team. A reasonable calendar of social events outside the office can help promote links between team members as well as create a pleasant environment.

Open feedback
Employers must create an open culture that allows collaborators of all levels to share their ideas, suggestions and concerns. These can help employees feel included and taken into account, plus allowing to get different points of perspective on certain topics.

A little extra incentive
Collaborators generally respond well to other more personalized small incentives, such as free breakfasts, cutting activities earlier on Fridays or an alliance with a charity chosen by them.

Committed leaders
Make sure the leaders are true example of the company’s values. There’s nothing more inspiring for a employee than watching their leaders as a living example of the company’s purpose.

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