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By: Manuel Garcia

Your technological life running through… a hair?

Well, not literally… First of all, I would like to know how much do you like technology in your life? If your answer goes from “I love it” to “Can’t live without it” then it’s time for you to know about one of the biggest players that make your life possible the way you like it now: Fiber Optics.

The technological revolution is advancing in leaps and bounds, from smartphones to self-driven cars; everything comes up mainly thanks to the advance in telecommunications specifically with fiber optics cablings that go from 8.3 to 10 microns of diameter, much less than an average hair.

Since the 1980’s fiber optics have made the digital world what it is today, a reality where most of the processes start to work through Cloud Computing, which is translated into a lot of data that must be analyzed, interpreted and stored in a cloud, and bring access from any part of the world in a fast way.

For both, development and user experience processes, connectivity is key and this is achieved through evolution and growth of digital pathways, which start from fiber optics.

Then, who do you need to thank for being able of uploading videos to the web in a faster way? Or watching all your friends’ photos on Facebook in just a few minutes? To our beloved fiber optics.

One topic that has been trend since the end of 2018 is the arrival of a 5G network, much faster and with greater data capacity that any other of the previous ones. 5G network will allow quicker downloads, video watching, processes programming, better graphics and the use of augmented reality, virtual and mixed, much more fluent online; furthermore, better implementation of IoT, creation of Smart Cities, as well as much more efficient companies.

So, once again, just in case you are not very convinced; who is the responsible of making your programming job faster, better and enjoyable? Well, your deploying processes are what they are now because of fiber optics.

One of the sectors that will benefit most from the introduction of the 5G network will be programming, especially in the gaming field since this will allow to develop and play with better graphics without worrying about the download time. A greater and more engaging use of virtual or augmented reality will be possible, either in a game or in an immersion experience for a company.

That’s why fiber optic developers, such as Fibrain, have been committed to create materials that allow this type of improvements in the digital sector achieving better connectivity between users and devices.

It’s still early to see how far we can go with this new network and the new roads that are spreading in the world to connect us much more efficiently, however by this time we can start imagining what the digital world would become.

Graduated from International Trade Bachelor at ITESM Campus Toluca. Founder and CEO of Grupo Inkania de Mexico, exclusive partner in Mexico of the Polish brand of solutions in structural cabling and fiber optics, Fibrain; Manuel has more than 5 years of experience in the telecommunications solutions area. Grupo Inkania de México, has also a family tradition background of more than 30 years in the building trade industry.

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By: Admin

GolStats and ScreenIT Scores together through IT Talent

ScreenIT is partnering with GolStats in Guadalajara to strengthen their IT Talent Acquisition efforts.

GolStats is the sports intelligence company that has the most information per Soccer game in the world. GolStats analyzes every game and classifies each play into more thant 1,200 different categories, all linked to video.

ScreenIT enables technological advance of the world, generating growth and fullness, and matching talent with client needs.

To see more about our new partner GolStats, click here.

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By: Jose Luis Villa

Are You Ready To See Your Company Disappear?

If the answer is no, then, you should start embracing creativity to drive innovation in your company.

The majority of companies who have disappeared or have had the fortune of decreasing it’s size and/or relevance in the market only, have gone through similar behaviors: arrogance, caution, and fear. The entrepreneurial, innovative, and risky spirit which initially distinguished them, is threatened by routine, commitments, success and fear of losing what has already been achieved. At some point or another, we have all been through this behavior, either in the personal, work or business arena. Those ideas and the creativity which awoke our enthusiasm of learning and conquering what we didn’t have, made us provide new, different, and innovative proposals. Now, if we don’t follow this same path of creativity to the fullest, we’ll find another path, the one going downhill. Scary, right? Don’t worry, this is natural and very human. Human enough, that Dr. Carol Dweck, professor at Stanford University, wrote a book called “Mindset” the new psychology of success, which suggests two types of mentalities: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. A person with a fixed mindset tends to avoid new challenges, repeats methods learned in past experience’s; they struggle with obstacles, they’ll ignore criticism and will feel threatened by other’s successes. As a result of all this, sooner or later, they’ll come to a standstill mode. We tend to compare them with a mature attitude. A person with a growth mindset sees effort as the way to master their talent. Remember Malcom Gladwell’s “Outliers”? They’ll take on any challenge despite the risk, they’ll fight against adversity, learn from the criticism, and find an inspiration in other’s successes. Consequently, they’ll achieve innovation and greater success.

We all start out in life with a growth mindset during our learning process, and once we mature we come closer and closer to switching into the fixed mindset to raise ourselves, prepare for our decline, and death. Isn’t this the same thing that has happened to companies which have innovated or disappeared? Where has the growth mindset been abandoned? What is better, having a fixed or growth mindset? Luckily, we can mold our mentality with effort, it isn’t set and can be controlled. First and foremost, it’s worth analyzing what type of mentality we have as individuals, and consequently, as a company. Without a doubt, balance generates an extraordinary potential, as with all things. In both cases, this balance requires a lot of effort and sacrifice to abandon traditions, opinions and behaviors acquired during our life time, as well as experience and old habits. However, with time it is easier to raise yourself into a fixed mentality and abandon the growth mentality. We could call this ageing, but as Picasso once said: “In life we have to die young, as late as possible”. Because we all know that it is easier to enter a “mature” comfort zone; I have decided to focus on giving some advice to recover our naivety and foster the growth mentality where innovation, curiosity, and creativity lives, a truly powerful but highly fragile tools.

1. With creativity anything can be solved
Don’t kill new ideas. As manger or director, it is important for you to adopt a humble attitude and have an open mind towards new perspectives. Sometimes the most absurd ideas turn out to be the most innovative ideas. It is also important for your colleagues to feel free to put out any idea, no matter how bad it may seem, without the fear of being ridiculed… always strengthen another idea, instead of listing the “don’t’s”, focus on the “do’s”. Make it bigger by asking, “What if…?” and “What else?”.

2. The worst moment to look for an idea is when you need it.
Not having a creative process within your company’s Core Business will lead to unfounded mental hiccups! Promote Brain Food, send them information, readings, white papers related to the task at hand prior to the brain storm meeting, in other words push to, Curiosity, Observation, Experimentation, Knowledge, Analysis, Execution and Learning.
The fear of failing is creativity’s number one enemy. If your colleagues don’t feel free to explore new paths and take risks, it will be very hard for them to think creatively.

3. Don’t think outside the box. Play inside the box, but to the limit. Be Bold.
Going back to Picasso for a moment. For Picasso to have become the father of cubism, he first had to master all possible techniques and skills. In order to break the rules, you have to know the rules. Let’s use tennis as an example. Can you imagine a court without a net? With no lines to determine the playing space? No official? It would make no sense, it would have no purpose. Thoroughly understanding the “box” will define how far we’ll go to have greater ideas and not any insignificant mental hiccup. Now we can play to the limit, which as we all know, is where tennis player makes millions of dollars. There, in the risk zone, not in the comfort zone at half court.
Strangely enough, it is easier to boost creativity when we focus on one specific goal.

4. One for all and all for one.
Sometimes we are so familiarized by the situation that we can’t see it in a different way. This is why somebody else’s fresh vision on the situation can provide new viewpoints that we were overlooking. Play with work groups, blend the different departments so they experience novelty in their treatment.
This is where someone with a fixed mindset should be in a work group to assure process, work flow, time keeping and results.
“Inspiration exist, but it has to find you working”.

5. Good ideas, such as wine, take time.
It has been proven that ideas developed under time pressure often turn out to be the most obvious ones. However, with a greater span to work on ideas, these could unfold to generate more innovative and sustained solutions.

Keep in mind that creativity isn’t only to be at the front of the pack, but to stay in it. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll be able to have Airbnb’s “luck” and not Kodak’s.

About the author
José Luis Villa is Founder and Managining director of Sherlock Brand Bonding.

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By: Gustavo Reyes

Is programming a creative activity?

As a society we’ve pivoted into a more modern, innovative and creative world. There are activities that we immediately recognize as creative, like reading, painting or making music. There are even more modern activities like design o entrepreneurship can be considered creative.

This is why I can’t help but to ask myself: Is really programming an activity where creativity is required and nurtured? Can we keep finding spaces to develop our creativity on the current professional ecosystem?

Developing Software consists – almost every time – on resolving problems repetitively and it’s also about finding ways to resolving problems that previously took a large effort or could not be resolved at all.

A constant critic to programming as a creative matter it’s also related to its final product (software) not recognized immediately as art. This is because the result of developing software tends to be invisible, abstract and with a very specific objective in mind.

Unless you’re working on the next Shrek movie o new fancy web design for the new unicorn startup; your programming hard work would be hardly recognized as a piece of art, but don’t let this discourage you. Even when software is created with a very specific objective in mind and not necessarily to entertain, it is possible to obtain the best of both worlds.

So the short answer for this article is YES and it is possible to find several kinds of artists who are great software development professionals, all of them with a unique style and results as creative as the one ones from a novelist o painter. It’s just harder to appreciate their art, as it usually requires a lot of equal technical background to appreciate the end results.

Programming doesn’t only exist to solve problems, it’s also a medium of expression, just like music or any other sort of art.

If you’re interested on learning more of this subject i’d recommend you Hackers and Painters – an essay from Paul Graham who is a lot more experience on it than I am.

About the Author

Founder of Alluxi where we develop web & mobile based software solutions & proud technological partner of de AI recruiting startup Zourcing.



By: Admin

ScreenIT has signed an exclusive agreement with Visteon

ScreenIT has signed an exclusive agreement with Visteon ( to grow their technical talent pool in Queretaro. Visteon’s objective, as the global leader in automotive cockpit electronics, is to expand during the next months their current Engineering team in the city of Queretaro; ScreenIT will perform as their business partners to attract these high-tech talent. The main skillset Visteon is seeking to bring in is Embedded Software engineers, along with C++ and C# developers, amongst others.

Angélica Osornio (HRM): We selected ScreenIT among other very strong players, mainly based on their proven expertise and focus on IT engineering. We see ScreenIT as our extended team to achieve our aggressive growth plans for the following months.

About ScreenIT
We enable technological advance of the world, generating growth fullness, and matching talent with client needs.

About Visteon
As the only Tier 1 supplier devoted exclusively to cockpit electronics, and with the broadest product portfolio in this segment, Visteon is uniquely positioned to meet automakers’ needs for smart, digital cockpits for electric and automated vehicles.

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By: Gabriela González

3 Ideas to Empower Women In Your Company

In 2016 when I graduated from the University of Monterrey I decided to go to work in Brazil to the company “Results Digitais” known in Mexico as RD Station, a company that has two softwares, one of Marketing Automation and the other one is a CRM. It is a company with more than 12,000 clients and 700 workers.

In Mexico, in Brazil and basically around the world, women fight for our rights to have equality, and in the business environment, I had been in situations where, just for being a woman, I had a different treatment.

Today I want to share 3 ideas that I have learned in recent years so that in your company, women can feel more motivated and empowered in the business world.

1. Women’s Circles:
When I came to RD to work, one of the initiatives that caught my attention was a group called “Ser”. It started as a group in the communication tool “slack” but also had face-to-face meetings once a month, to discuss problems that arose day by day with men in the workplace.

We had to discuss issues such as when a man has your same position and a higher salary, when someone is dissatisfied with their work, to serious situations where someone commits a lack of respect.

This circle was a trust group where everything that happens is being told and advice is asked among women to deal with situations. Also, women’s achievements are celebrated and, of course, empowerment is the pillar of this group.

Having such an initiative in your company, will make you have a group that builds trust between them and empower each other.

2. Sharing Culture

Another of the learnings that I had in the RD was the culture of sharing knowledge. It is useless to have a company with workers that take everything as competition.

An initiative that you can have not only with women but including all the people of your company even to promote equity is to create 1 hour conferences where each person can share on a subject that is expert and that can make everyone else learn about that topic.

This initiative will not only empower your collaborators, it will also give initiative so that there is more empathy on the work that is carried out on a day-to-day basis.

3. Feedback

Although the culture of Feedback is not yet very well positioned in Spanish speaking countries, having a culture every month or every Quarter is essential to improve the relationship between Boss and Leader. Knowing how people feel is important to realize if you are doing your job well as a company.

Having feedback sessions independent of the gender of your collaborators will help in the retention of people, in detecting the satisfaction of them in their work environment and also give you an idea of ​​how to solve the problems that are occurring.

For example, if there is a discrimination against women to make presentations to the directors, through a feedback you can detect this and you do something to work and resolve it, or give women the opportunity to take this initiative.

These are 3 ideas that you can start designing as initiatives to empower women in your company, I hope they will help you and we will start generating more inclusive work environments for women.

About the author

Gabriela González is passionate for Inbound Marketing methodology and Sales Funnels, she’s given on the last years+85 workshops to SMBs in Mexico, spoke on +20 webinars and had the opportunitiy to speak in 33 international conferences so far. Inbound Marketing Summit (Colombia), ROI Summit (Mexico), Digital Day (Spain), INC Crow (Mexico), Digital Home (Mexico) just to name a few.

She is also host & creator of Marketing Hack Show podcast focused on generating an optimizing results on Marketing & Sales.

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By: Juana Martínez

Data That Tells A Story

To demonstrate that there is always a more effective, better and simple way of doing things, is one of my greatest goals in life; both personally and professionally; always making clear that the main benefit of doing what you love, in my case technology and innovation, is to be yourself.

Working life in Technology has left me several lessons and I would like to share with you the most valuable ones and those that have contributed to my growth the most.

“Do not start a trip without a map” – In the IT world, nothing can be left to chance, a well-defined plan, a path traced and the necessary equipment will get you to your goal; although they are not all that determines success. So before starting any project, I take a moment, a blank page and trace in a visual way what we want to get, a dream board, that over the months will become into a product.

“Turn your Achilles heel into your best weapon” – I learned that stubbornness is not so bad when you put it right and turn it into determination and patience. Thanks to that and in collaboration with different areas teams. I have had great successes in my career as a Research Line Manager in the Banorte Channel Development Laboratory, which resulted in the “Banca del Futuro” model and the introduction of data analysis for project monitoring.

“Among all, we know everything” – is the phrase I like to use to emphasize teamwork, highlighting that there are no levels, if not a horizontal cooperation based on knowledge and companionship, “we do not have a team, we are part of it” and it’s the coolture (yes, cool) that I try to transmit to the team every day.

Apart from technology, I have applied these lessons in many areas of my life, only to realize that this is the best project of all, and like in any project, issues sometimes arise, but nothing that good planning, the right team and a great determination can not overcome.

About the Author

Juanita is an Engineer in Computer Systems at the Technological Institute of Veracruz.

Through many years she dedicate herself to the world of software development and administration of large business projects, preparation and growth through various courses and certifications as Project Manager and Data Scientist.

In 2016, she founded Innova Analytics, a company dedicated to obtaining, analyzing and presenting data for management decisions for companies of any size.

In 2017, she joined Zourcing as Technology Director, where she give body and life to an idea that has transformed the way of recruiting in Mexico.

She is also an ambassador for Women In Data in Monterrey, Mexico, where she currently lives.

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By: Becky Mitre

From wishes to goals

How is 2019 going? Which projects did you start, which ones are still going on?

It is common to hear that New Year’s resolutions never really happen. Most people accept the fact that by February or March they will no longer go to the gym, they will probably have stopped saving money and so forth. New Year’s resolutions not being fulfilled or accomplished is a belief well accepted all across the world. Acceptance of this fact is actually not a good idea. When we fail to accomplish our goals, we are failing to ourselves. Our inner dialogue becomes destructive, our self-esteem decreases and we get into a vicious circle from which it is hard to recover.

What would happen if we accept the commitment to honor our goals? What would happen if we accept the idea that once a goal is set, we will make it make it happen? What does it take to change the collective idea of failing to New Year’s resolutions?

Honestly, I know it is possible to accomplish personal goals. I have been through the process myself and have seen a lot of people go through it. Thera are 4 key things that I have seen consistently to do so:

1.- Have few goals, probably no more than 3 per year. And focus to get small wins throughout the first couple of weeks. Keep momentum.

2.- Start with the easiest goal and celebrate success. By doing this, you really start becoming a person that fulfill her promises.

3.- Define your personal performance indicators and start measuring them. If you don’t track progress, it’s hard to improve.

4.- Visualize! See yourself as the person you want to become. Keep visualizing, every day as possible.

It is time to define your goals. No matter if 2019 has started. Goals can be set up in any moment. Define 3 goals, write them down, define the right indicators to measure them and visualize yourself as if you already have achieved them. It is worth doing the effort.

“Are you ready? What if for once and for all we change the collective idea that New Year’s resolutions are never fulfilled?

About the Author

Becky is a senior consultant and co-founder at Tracción Comercial and mentor at Endeavor. She has more than 25 years of exprience on the Marketing area, Innovation, Trade Marketing in transnational companies such as Kellogg, Johnson Wax and Unilever. Her specialty is strategic planning and the development of work teams with a focus on the potential of each person.



By: Admin

5 Books For Success You Should Be Reading Right Now

We all know that reading is a great source of wisdom and inspiration, but sometimes it is hard to choose between many topics and authors. That’s why we made this top 5 list of books that will help you achieve success. Enjoy!

The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win by Jeff Haden.

Coming from’s most popular columnist, Jeff Haden, this business book was a highly anticipated, but practical guide to finding and maintaining the lasting motivation it takes to achieve great things in life. The book is based around Haden’s core belief that, “motivation” as we know it is a complete myth in our society.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson.

This New York Times Bestseller is built around the core argument, backed by academic research, that improving our lives hinges not on our ability to turn “lemons into lemonade,” but on learning to stomach the lemons better. It’s about setting realistic expectations for ourselves. Embracing our fears, faults and uncertainties to begin finding the courage, honesty, responsibility we seek.

100 Things Successful People Do: Little Exercises for Successful Living by Nigel Cumberland

This book offers both moments of respite and bolts of energy. Written by Nigel Cumberland, who has 25 years’ experience working globally in the corporate sector, it’s full of words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs to take on board. The book is simply laid out chronologically, As well as enlightening us on the 100 things to do, it’s peppered with inspirational quotations and personal reflections from the author, giving the tips credibility.

Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want By Saying What You Mean by Kim Scott

Good communication is a vital skill any entrepreneur needs but what if you’re not confident dealing with the hiring and firing that comes with employing your own staff? Former Google and Apple executive Kim Scott draws on her years of experience in Silicon Valley to provide a guide on how to be clear and firm with your employees without falling into false praise or aggression.

The Best Classic Book on Success: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Sthephen R. Covey

In this practical guide, Covey says that success starts from within, with your attitude and the way you eyeball those inevitable obstacles that pop up in your path. He almost dares you not to become successful if you embrace his advice. The book is a list of habits you’ll want to develop if you want to get ahead.

Have you read any of them? Do you have any more suggestions? Write it on the comment section!

If you want your business to grow or start a new career path, click here.



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#DevStories – Mau

At ScreenIT we believe that developers are much more than people who just like computers and algorithms. That’s why we’ll be sharing #devstories of engineers who are not afraid to get out of their limits and dare to have awesome passions!

For today’s story meet Mau! Software developer on the week, pro rock climber on the weekends!

Special thanks to Paul Armenta for the stunning drone shots!

If you want to get out of your limits and start a new challenge click here

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