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The Perfect Mix For Inspiration- 5 Websites You Should Be Looking At

All great projects start with inspiration. And where can we find it? Is true we can find it anywhere; just look out of your field, read a variety of sources both online and offline, expose yourself to entirely different, random viewpoints to truly sparks up creativity.

But as we spend the majority of our time online we want to leave you with a mix of 5 of our favorite content and visual inspirational sites for those days when you don’t feel inspiration flowing.









A magazine every tech junkie should be constantly reading to keep up with trends and create new ideas. Wired tries to reflect the way in which technology affects culture, education, the economy and politics.









If you are a true gamer you should know about Polygon. It keeps up on news, critics and video game culture.









Like critical thinking? you definitely should be reading this online magazine. Leaded by thinkers of science, philosophy, tech and arts, Aeon ask the big questions and find the freshest and most original answers through essays, short ideas and videos.


The Great Everything







This online project explores ideas, stories and culture that bring deeper meaning and connections to daily life. Want inspiration to see, hear or think? You can find it here.









Looking for visual inspiration? Unsplash is your place to explore. Built by a community of photographers around the world you can find beautiful and aesthetic pictures and download or upload yours. Just type a word and get ready to catch the inspiration you are looking for 😉


Remember, always look for different points-of-view to open your spectrum of possibilities.



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How To Stay Always Inspired

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it”. -Bob Dylan.

Firstly, we need to accept the “ever flowing” nature of inspiration. If we think that being inspired is a state we can fully master once and for all, we are signing ourselves up for massive disappointment. Inspiration is something that needs to be renewed every single day.

Like a car requires fuel to keep going, we have the inspiration tank that needs to be refilled on regular basis. If we push ourselves into action without “fuelling” our tank over time, we will face fatigue, boredom, and reach the state of burnout. The worst fate: we could give up.

We can’t go far without renewing our inspiration that “pushed” us into doing the action, or starting the process in the first place, so this is why here are some tips you can apply to refill your inspiration tank:

Be Strategic With Your Time
It is really important to plan your day and schedule time for all of your tasks. Distractions happen, but blocking out time for specific projects will help you not waste as much time.

Find your allies
Do not go into it alone! Surround yourself with people that bring you joy or cultivate your tribe. Use your network and step out of your comfort zone! It is all about the connections you make and how you present yourself.

Inspiration Through Collaboration
Team up! Some of the best ideas and outcomes come from collaboration with others. You never know where inspiration can stem from. Get your hands dirty and get more involved with the process. You can even schedule inspiration days to help narrow in on what inspires you.

Return To Your Roots
Come back to your roots and stay grounded. Remember what it is that made you start your process from the beginning. You will always have ups and downs but remembering what you love and why you started will keep you in check.

Continue To Grow And Learn
There is ALWAYS something you can educate yourself about more. Look to books, peers and other outlets to help you continue to learn and grow. Remember, creativity starts at the end of your comfort zone.



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Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Once your are a living image of empowerment inside your team, it’s time to take the next step and unleash your employees potential to push through performance goals and raise the bars that lead to success.

But how can I empower my team? Here are some tips you can use!

Explain empowerment benefits.
Tell them why you want them to take initiative and how it can provide benefits such as more efficient problem solving, and out-of-the-box ideas that could stimulate growth.

Authorize decision-making.
Give teams the flexibility to make certain decisions without prior approval. Make that a normal part of how you do business and satisfaction will go through the roof.

Provide encouragement and recognition.
Recognize calculated risk-taking efforts even if they don’t pan out. Make them aware that it’s more about how they react to and learn from mistakes than the fact that a mistake was made.

Reward success.
When creative thinking pays off, offer some perks and make sure everyone in the office sees that initiative has its rewards.

Make a commitment to empower your team, you might be surprised by the improvements in productivity this could bring to your business.



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Empowering Yourself To Empower Others

What’s the best way to empower those who surround you? By living an empowered life yourself. The best way to teach and inspire others is by showing with actions what you want to see in others; at the end, actions are the only thing that define us.

But how can I live an empowered life myself? Here are some tips you can apply on a daily basis!

Be Aware

The first step to make a change to a more inspiring life is to become aware of our present actions. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Does it make me happy? This allows you to recognise yourself, the environment your in and your power.

Develop a New Mindset

Your mind can be your best ally or your worst enemy. Reflect on your current thoughts. Are they serving you in a positive or negative manner? Cultivate a new positive mindset and acknowledge that you have control of your mind not the other way around.

Learn to Trust

Learn to trust on your own judgment and ability to decide. Make your choices and stick to them. Having trust in you and others allows you to let go of worry and doubt.


Take time out from your daily routine to relax. Meditation is an excellent way to free your mind and body of stress. Take a few minutes each day to seek out and enjoy silence.

Be Responsible

To be more empowered, you must know exactly what you are responsible for in your life. Knowing this allows you to be guilt-free from your choices and take responsibility for you and your life.

Share With Others

Allow people to see with actions how great you’ve become because of your new independence and peace.

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5 characteristics of a positive work culture

Having a positive work culture is not only beneficial for the employee, but also for the employer since it keeps the rate of work retention high, allowing to build a strong team more likely to achieve goals faster, effectively and contribute on your company’s growth.

When searching for a new job, it’s becoming more important for candidates to find a job that suits not only their values and economic expectations, but also the work culture they are going to be living every day. But, what would be having a good work culture inside a company? Here are 5 characteristics that will answer that question.

Receptiveness to collaborators’ needs
Employees usually feel more attracted by companies that offer benefits that allows them to find a healthier life/work balance. These may include: flexible work schedules, home office or study days.

Social calendar
A good balance of social integration together with adding a commercial activity is good for uplifting the team. A reasonable calendar of social events outside the office can help promote links between team members as well as create a pleasant environment.

Open feedback
Employers must create an open culture that allows collaborators of all levels to share their ideas, suggestions and concerns. These can help employees feel included and taken into account, plus allowing to get different points of perspective on certain topics.

A little extra incentive
Collaborators generally respond well to other more personalized small incentives, such as free breakfasts, cutting activities earlier on Fridays or an alliance with a charity chosen by them.

Committed leaders
Make sure the leaders are true example of the company’s values. There’s nothing more inspiring for a employee than watching their leaders as a living example of the company’s purpose.



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How to get started discovering your business “WHY”

“WHY am I here?”

The question every person asks themselves during most of their lives. We spend years trying to figure out our purpose in life and I think companies should put the same effort answering that same question.

WHY are we as company here? WHY we’re doing what we’re doing? Sometimes is so easy to get caught up on the daily tasks (specially on big companies) and start losing the purpose on actions and efforts made, but having the purpose really clear and remembering it every day will help you stay committed to your dream and company and help others get on board too.

According to Jim Collins, author of the business classic “Built to Last”, these are the 5 characteristics your company’s purpose should have:

-It’s inspiring to those inside the company.
-It’s something that’s as valid 100 years from now as it is today.
-It should help you think expansively about what you could do but aren’t doing.
-It should help you decide what not to do.
-It’s truly authentic to your company.

But, how to start? how to remember and re-discover your business purpose? Here are the 5 questions you need to ask yourself to help you get started:

1. Why does our organization’s existence matters?
2. What are your business strengths?
3. What are the values we want to portray to your audience?
4. Why is your company important to your costumers?
5. Why would anyone dedicate their time, energy, and passion to your company? (The answer shouldn’t be money.)

Remember, as Nietzsche said: “He who has a why can endure any how”. Having a WHY is the core of everything, is the heart of your company, if you know your purpose very clearly and you can communicate it with your team and audience, it will be worth all the effort and extra hours you and your team are putting in to make your company grow.



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ScreenIT, IT Soft landing services in Mexico.

This is what happens when customers visit ScreenIT offices.

ScreenIT assists companies in US and Canada to set up or grow their own Software development teams in a Nearshore model. The way you need it, at the time that you need it. We guarantee our teams are highly skilled engineers. We propose and the customer decides if someone is part of the team.

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#ScreenITalks Season 1

En ScreenIT hemos ido a muchos eventos, meetups, pláticas tecnológicas, pero jamás habíamos hecho una, así que ahí estaba nuestra oportunidad. Todas estas reuniones y pláticas normalmente suceden dentro de instalaciones físicas, la mayoría de las veces, empresas. Físicamente sucede todo, ponentes, pizzas, cervezas, amenidades y hasta “souvenirs”.
We hear a lot about community meetings, technology talks, and we wanted to do the same.
All these meetings and talks usually take place in some company facilities, all the speakers are there, they have beer and pizza or some kind of amenities or swags.

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Where to hire offshore developers?

If you ask me, where to hire offshore developers, my first answer would be Mexico. And it is not because I was born and raised in this magnificent country, but also because I know that Mexico has a wide pool of talented people willing to commit, purpose and grow your company.

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Es bueno!…developer a entrevista…en INGLÉS… TIPS, quĂ© si, quĂ© no.

Nuestra misiĂłn es conectarte con proyectos multi culturales de Ășltima tecnologĂ­a que te reten y motiven para que crezcas profesionalmente.

Suelen preguntarnos cuåles son los factores clave que te hacen el mejor candidato y te parecerå familiar que el inglés sea uno de ellos.

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