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3 Ideas to Empower Women In Your Company

In 2016 when I graduated from the University of Monterrey I decided to go to work in Brazil to the company “Results Digitais” known in Mexico as RD Station, a company that has two softwares, one of Marketing Automation and the other one is a CRM. It is a company with more than 12,000 clients and 700 workers.

In Mexico, in Brazil and basically around the world, women fight for our rights to have equality, and in the business environment, I had been in situations where, just for being a woman, I had a different treatment.

Today I want to share 3 ideas that I have learned in recent years so that in your company, women can feel more motivated and empowered in the business world.

1. Women’s Circles:
When I came to RD to work, one of the initiatives that caught my attention was a group called “Ser”. It started as a group in the communication tool “slack” but also had face-to-face meetings once a month, to discuss problems that arose day by day with men in the workplace.

We had to discuss issues such as when a man has your same position and a higher salary, when someone is dissatisfied with their work, to serious situations where someone commits a lack of respect.

This circle was a trust group where everything that happens is being told and advice is asked among women to deal with situations. Also, women’s achievements are celebrated and, of course, empowerment is the pillar of this group.

Having such an initiative in your company, will make you have a group that builds trust between them and empower each other.

2. Sharing Culture

Another of the learnings that I had in the RD was the culture of sharing knowledge. It is useless to have a company with workers that take everything as competition.

An initiative that you can have not only with women but including all the people of your company even to promote equity is to create 1 hour conferences where each person can share on a subject that is expert and that can make everyone else learn about that topic.

This initiative will not only empower your collaborators, it will also give initiative so that there is more empathy on the work that is carried out on a day-to-day basis.

3. Feedback

Although the culture of Feedback is not yet very well positioned in Spanish speaking countries, having a culture every month or every Quarter is essential to improve the relationship between Boss and Leader. Knowing how people feel is important to realize if you are doing your job well as a company.

Having feedback sessions independent of the gender of your collaborators will help in the retention of people, in detecting the satisfaction of them in their work environment and also give you an idea of ​​how to solve the problems that are occurring.

For example, if there is a discrimination against women to make presentations to the directors, through a feedback you can detect this and you do something to work and resolve it, or give women the opportunity to take this initiative.

These are 3 ideas that you can start designing as initiatives to empower women in your company, I hope they will help you and we will start generating more inclusive work environments for women.

About the author

Gabriela González is passionate for Inbound Marketing methodology and Sales Funnels, she’s given on the last years+85 workshops to SMBs in Mexico, spoke on +20 webinars and had the opportunitiy to speak in 33 international conferences so far. Inbound Marketing Summit (Colombia), ROI Summit (Mexico), Digital Day (Spain), INC Crow (Mexico), Digital Home (Mexico) just to name a few.

She is also host & creator of Marketing Hack Show podcast focused on generating an optimizing results on Marketing & Sales.