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5 characteristics of a positive work culture

Having a positive work culture is not only beneficial for the employee, but also for the employer since it keeps the rate of work retention high, allowing to build a strong team more likely to achieve goals faster, effectively and contribute on your company’s growth.

When searching for a new job, it’s becoming more important for candidates to find a job that suits not only their values and economic expectations, but also the work culture they are going to be living every day. But, what would be having a good work culture inside a company? Here are 5 characteristics that will answer that question.

Receptiveness to collaborators’ needs
Employees usually feel more attracted by companies that offer benefits that allows them to find a healthier life/work balance. These may include: flexible work schedules, home office or study days.

Social calendar
A good balance of social integration together with adding a commercial activity is good for uplifting the team. A reasonable calendar of social events outside the office can help promote links between team members as well as create a pleasant environment.

Open feedback
Employers must create an open culture that allows collaborators of all levels to share their ideas, suggestions and concerns. These can help employees feel included and taken into account, plus allowing to get different points of perspective on certain topics.

A little extra incentive
Collaborators generally respond well to other more personalized small incentives, such as free breakfasts, cutting activities earlier on Fridays or an alliance with a charity chosen by them.

Committed leaders
Make sure the leaders are true example of the company’s values. There’s nothing more inspiring for a employee than watching their leaders as a living example of the company’s purpose.