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Any questions about Mexico’s IT industry?

…Mexico is on top

In case you didn’t know it, Mexico is a very strong industrial country. As a prove of this, we have many foreign companies that continue investing in here.

According to the 2015 World Economic Forum Report we are number 4 Latin America´s country in competitiveness (compared to LATAM countries).

Comparing english level between LATAM´s best ranked countries in technology usage, we found Mexico in 3rd place,  just behind Argentina and Chile, according to Education First, an international organization expert in english evaluation (2015).

But Mexico is much more than that,  it has a significant number of human talents specialized in IT that foster our country as a leader in this sector.

Want some examples?

Globally, Mexico is in the 3rd place as an IT services exporter and ranked 2nd in Software investment projects (behind Brazil).

Thanks to great talents (as the ones that work at ScreenIT) Mexico is considered the 9th IT talent hub in the world.

Our company, located in Queretaro, is interested to fully support their customers  to take the right decisions when talking about nearshore IT businesses.  Queretaro is a state with a lot of added value for living and working.

Find out more in the following video and feel proud with us of Mexico ´ s IT performance.

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