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Christmas Gift Ideas For Developers

Christmas is right across the corner and if you having a hard time thinking what to get to your favorite developer (this can be yourself too;)), we got your back!

We asked our developer teams for help so we can give you the best advice as possible!

This is a gift every programmer will appreciate. There’s nothing to work with a good quality headphones and a good playlist to keep the code going!


A good developer, always enjoy learning new methodologies or technologies, so they will sure enjoy a certification so they can keep up to all new tendencies.


One screen display? Nah! A developer will appreciate having two!


  1. Chair with lumbar support

Developers spend hours and hours coding, so a good desk chair will be great improvement in their lumbar health and their happiness.


Mechanical keyboards are excellent for anyone who spends all day typing, and that includes programmers. They can be pricey but are totally worth the price: they simply feel better to use, and that kind of improvement can have huge effects on productivity.


What’s the fuel to every programmer?! Exactly! Coffee! So a portable coffee machine will be a gift every programmer will love.


If your budget is not that high, a desk Toy, such as a Funko of their favorite character can be a great and thoughtful detail to any programmer.