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By: Marce Guerra

How long does it take to call after an interview? Do I have to call to follow up?

I would like to talk about this topic, because, from my recruiter point of view, I consider that these points can be useful for those who are in a recruitment process.

I was also a candidate, and I know it is an issue that generates a lot of concern and uncertainty, especially when you have been looking for an opportunity for a few months and no process has ended.

Now let’s start:

How and when to follow up on my applications?

A personal practice that I do is that, at the end of a job interview, I sent an email to my recruiter with a short message to thank him/her for the opportunity to be part of the selection process. This as mere formality and emphasizing the interest in the vacancy. There are certain people who see this practice as unnecessary, but it makes me feel comfortable expressing my appreciation to the recruiter.

Now, although the ideal is that your recruiter will follow up with you, as a candidate, you can contact them if the time they specified would take them to communicate with you has gone by. You can do it through an email or a phone call. Show yourself relaxed, confident, and above all, without forgetting professionalism.

What are some advantages of asking for a follow-up on your selection process?

*It allows you to anticipate possible future interviews and to prepare yourself better.

*Know if it is going to be a quick or a long process.

*Prepare yourself mentally and stay relaxed by knowing how everything is going to unfold.

*The interviewer will see that you are interested in the vacancy.

*It allows you to assess, as a candidate, the level of professionalism of the company.

*It allows you to organize your selection processes, this when you have several interviews simultaneously with other companies.

The perfect scenario is to know what happens in the backstage of the recruitment processes, have a clear idea of ​​how your process is going and not suffer with waiting to know if they hire you or not, however, it is important to be patient and, above all, do not stop looking for opportunities and apply in which you consider that you can be an ideal candidate.

Sometimes we think that a job and company are ideal for us, however, we never know where we can find something better.

Cultivate your goals, work on them, and don’t lose your focus on what you want to achieve.

I love the idea of ​​being able to support you and make your interview process a learning experience, and not something exhausting.

Thanks for your attention!