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By: Veronica Cruz

How to make your CV visible to recruiters

If you are looking for a job or simply do not want to close yourself to listen to job offers, you should know that the first step to be contacted is to appear first in the recruiter’s search, and considering this search is close to 60% of the time of the entire recruitment process, it is important to learn how to stand out to have that access pass to the first contact.

Take a look at these tips that will help you achieve and conquer:


A recruiter must choose the best from a huge candidate base and does it in a few seconds using algorithms with keywords, therefore, prioritize words related to tools and knowledge that define your experience over those that describe soft skills … in that way you will have time to show them in an interview.

Diversify the places where you have your CV

LinkedIn continues to grow as the largest network of professional contacts, so it is a definite YES to be present in it, but do not leave aside job boards and search engines like Indeed, so you will give a greater scope to your CV .

Stay active

It is not enough to publish your CV, you must also update it recurrently, this allows the recruiter to see your current experience, but also, by doing so you stay on top of the first matches.

Leave your mark

Social networks are a must in recruiting, take advantage of them and stay active by participating in publications, sharing content and of course, growing your network of contacts.

In a more traditional way, it never hurts a good reference from your colleagues, do not stop growing your network of contacts also in this sphere. Many companies have found their talent on the recommendation of current workers, so don’t forget to leave a mark on each company and on each network.