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Java ninjas + Silicon Valley + Queretaro = Success… find out the formula

Working at ScreenIT offers several advantages, one of them is the opportunity to collaborate with  teams from different countries.

Last week our company was very honored by the visit of one of our clients from the Silicon Valley. Hali, Henry and Alex from Adaptive Insights visited Queretaro with the purpose of meeting their team in person, to know their working environment and to train them on the fundamentals of Sc
rum… We took advantage of their trip and invited them to celebrate the big opening of our new facilities.

From our visitors words, we knew they really liked to spend some days in Queretaro, apart from enjoying mexican food, mariachi music and hospitality at our opening party, they liked strolling around the historic Queretaro center.  Let´s not forget we were amazed by Alex guitar performance at the party, ¡He is a very smart Scrum master and a great musician too!

One of the biggest achievements was to establish a personal relationship between team members in Queretaro and back in Palo Alto, California.

People in Adaptive Insights are sure about having Scrum teams in multiple geographies enables them to reach a higher velocity on their development projects, and the one working in Queretaro is very talented, things are easier thanks to the similar time zone which makes working together simpler.

To collaborate with teams from another country brings you the possibility to earn, share and learn experiences. As a pioneer in cloud corporate performance management (CPM), Adaptive Insights has grown rapidly, with a singular focus on customer success. Today they offer the only fully integrated cloud CPM and business intelligence (BI) platform in the industry that delivers an award-winning user experience, unparalleled service, and leading expertise. They are honored that their intuitive solutions are powering the fastest growing and biggest brands in the world.

What does an IT talent need to join Adaptive Insights?


Alex, our client says: “Several things, but what comes to mind at the moment is that they must be technically strong, trustworthy and articulate in English”.

In the other hand, Hali from the same company refers: “We always look for smart developers and QA testers who have good experience and education.  We also value strong English language skills, given it is the language we have standardized on across all of our development teams. It is especially important since individual interaction and communication is a core Agile value”

We at ScreenIT are proud of being able to keep providing top talents. Our client is very happy with the technical strength of the team in here. In case you´re willing to experience and learn with a multinational company, ScreenIT links you with the top ones in the world… Be ready for a great future in our company.


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