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Hey developer, know how to write a killer Resume and get hired.

So, you send your resume for the perfect job, you have most of the searched profile but, they haven’t answered you, not a call, not an email or a message…
What’s happening? What’s wrong? are recruiters too busy? Have they covered the position?
Maybe, but I’m going to tell you what happens most of the time: your resume is not exactly the one needed…

Yes, yes I know there’s a lot of information on the web telling you how to make a killer resume.

What I’m going to teach you is how to make a killer resume for IT job offers… why? Cause I have been doing this a duty since 5 years ago so give me a little of credibility 🙂

Let’s start

First of all, analyze the job offer vs. your profile, your working experience.
Make sure you match at least 80%, else you won’t get an answer.

To start with your resume, you definitely will need a good template. A lot of templates come with a space for your picture, get rid of that now! you won’t be hired for your face, skills are what matter the most.

Having personal information, your complete name, where do you live (country and city) and your main working experience are relevant to be included.

Now that we know who you are, tell us how and when to reach you: email, cell phone, skype, Gtalk and the right time to contact you.

Summary, include a brief history of your profile, your working experience, what you are interested in and what have you done.

Here I include an example: “Java Developer with 5 years of experience, back-end expert interested in health-care related projects” as you see, a few but very concrete lines make the work worth.

Detailed Professional Experience; this is the MOST important part of your resume. A very important hint is please forget about the page limit, it is a myth developed long ago, do invest in the description of what do you do and what you have done.

Begin listing from your current experience, include data like the company, current job title and dates.
Talk about your activities in that specific position. Important: remember to match the profile you are applying to.

To shine this section, make sure to enlist every tool you have used or that you currently use. Maybe you could describe what you do with a group of tools but at the end of the paragraph, enlist each one of them.
Make the relationship between your skill(s) and the tool(s) used.


Talking about languages. If you speak more than one language, you rock! Being in Mexico and speak English gives you plenty of opportunities.

We, recruiters, like to know how much domain of languages you have. The levels more commonly used in companies are: native -if you are perfectly able to explain technical terms in the language -, or capable of establishing simple conversations – when you speak the language but have a hard time to explain yourself-.

Education, you do not have to invest much here, we only need to know if you have a bachelor degree or a master. Is not a good idea to enlist where did you go to kindergarten. What is very important is in case you have done certifications and courses, we want to know all. It will be great if your certifications are active but do not be afraid if not. Again, try to match courses and certification to the profile you are applying to.

Last but not least…

Include this useful information: do you have visa and/or passport? are they active? are you willing to travel or relocate?

And now…

Congratulations! Now you have a killer resume!!!

Attach it to a nice email mentioning the name of the job offer you are applying to. Send it to a recruiter (hopefully your favorite one) and be ready to get the position and conquer the world 🙂

Remember “past experience predicts future experience“.

By Arce

Building Nearshore IT-teams beyond borders