By: Jessica

Living the technology

Day by day, we are used to share what we are thinking onTwitter, post photos with our friends on Facebook, we even share our professional experience on LinkedIn; we inform what we are doing, maybe post a little video for others to see what you saw.

But this is changing, now we can share the moments we are living by live streaming, Facebook, SnapChat, Periscope, and now Instagram allow us to post in real time.

Your friend is sick and couldn’t assist to the concert with you? Not a problem anymore! You can “Periscope” his/her favorite song, no more waiting until you upload a video.

Is important to say this won’t be saved in your phone and it will only  be online for a few hours, leading us to live the moment and don’t accumulate information.

This not so new kind of sharing what you live, see, or do, it’s not limited for video or photos, if we like to share our music, we can do it with Spotify, send a song to another user, create a public playlist, create a collaboration playlist with your friends, and this won’t stay in your phone (unless you download it). Those days when we accumulated a lot of mp3’s in our phones or iPods are gone.

Technology changes everyday our lifestyle, even go to the movies is a different experience, in the past, we went to the cinema, checked the schedule, wait in line to bought tickets to a nice employee, pay with cash or credit card and maybe you had to fool around until your movie begin. Well now you can check the schedule and buy tickets online using a credit card or a digital pay form like Pay Pal, choose your place to sit, no more waiting in line, you can arrive to the cinema just in time to buy some popcorn and present a virtual ticket with the code for your movie.

Let’s say you are not in mood to go out, you feel like staying home and watch your favorite series or movie, back in the days the option was a video rental store, now streaming TV or movies is your option, with apps like Hulu or Netflix there’s no need to leave your home and you don’t even need a Smart TV, you can use your phone, tablet, lap-top or other supported devices. Needless to say by using this kind of apps you won’t accumulate a bunch of blu ray’s, DVD’s or digital copies.

What about gaming, remember going to your bestie’s place to play with  his/her newest video game? Nowadays you can play online with your friends or people all over the world, and yes, you can livestream your gameplays too.

If you were wondering, this also applies for work, you can work from home or everywhere else  while you have an internet connection or phone data, you can meet your clients on the other side of the world using GoToMeeting or Webex. Livestream a conference with YouNow and watch it later or share it  on YouTube.

Time and place barriers are disappearing as new technology and forms of sharing and communicate appear making our lifestyle easier; we don’t have to be in the same place to share moments with our loved ones. But remember always to  enjoy the moment.

By: Arce


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