By: Jessica

Meeting with the Wize Guy at Wizeline

Many of you may have visited the Silicon Valley or the San Francisco Bay area before, and I’m sure that you’ve felt energized with the business dynamics they live there, along with the beauty of the cities. You can easily breathe the entrepreneurial spirit all around; watching Lift and Uber cars everywhere, self-driving Google vehicles is like being at a theme park.

I used the CalTrain to travel from one city to another, and that allowed me to feel like a local.

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San Francisco is an amazing and modern city with fantastic restaurants such as the Hog Island Oyster Co., which is located at the Port of San Francisco (city icon), where I had the chance to try fantastic oysters with my friend and mexican education council of San Jose, Ileana Rossell.

At the 225 Bush St. are located the offices of Wizeline (, a group of product
professionals who came together to help teams everywhere build great products that their customers love. There, I met Bismarck Lepe, Founder and CEO of Wizeline, and serial entrepreneur that left a successful career path in Google to start his own company, Ooyala ( and sold it for a multimillion dollar deal in a couple of years later. He still holds a sit at the board of Ooyala while successfully leading Wizeline. Born in the USA and son of Mexicans from a small town of Jalisco, he is a huge Guadalajara fan.

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Bismarck (Bis) interacts continuously with those big players like Mark Zuckerberg ( with whom he plays golf often; the same week I was with Bismarck he brought to Guadalajara (where Wizeline happens to have offices) a Vicepresident of Engineering of Facebook to give a conference and network with the local IT community. He is convinced that having a team in Mexico and selling in the Silicon Valley is a great deal and the right way to go.

He had the courtesy of showing the facilities to me, where we found Beer, Wine and Coffe taps, for everyone along with a huge flat screen where the team at San Francisco are able to watch the team at Guadalajara, and viceversa.

It was an awesome meeting and I look forward to be back and chat again with such “wize” person.

By: Eduardo Campos