By: Jessica

My company is a startup… is it time for me to go nearshore?

We’ve already discussed what nearshoring is, the price of doing it and some other topics, but we’ve never talked about when is the perfect time to go out and establish.

Well, let me tell you that if you’re waiting for the stars to be aligned, you better be ready for your company to not save money at all.

There isn’t a rule for nearshore establishment, neither the right moment to do it nor an ideal type for companies to be, it doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, a scaleup or an even bigger and older company, it always depends on every entity and its needs.

The most important thing to consider is the time that it may take to actually establish, since you’re looking for a partner to help you until you already start your nearshore operation.

To develop a project internally may take months and represent a big expense as it requires time to look for the right people and to provide the whole necessary equipment and support. While IT nearshoring contributes to the performance of the company and guarantees to find the perfect fit to accomplish the level of your project, you just need to find a trustworthy partner to put all these in its hands.

I know! I know that sometimes it’s not easy to trust in someone else who you don’t even know and that works more than 3,000 kilometers away.  Regarding warranties, it is better to trust in legally establish companies such as ScreenIT, which not also works in a transparent and easy way, but moreover, it is always concern about guaranteeing to save money and time while your company has the best candidates in the market, those who completely fulfill your requirements.

IT nearshoring is a good process for any kind of companies to the extent that service providers keep doing it in the best way. That’s why we need to be careful while choosing a partner to work with. To find your perfect fit, visit our solutions section, where you’ll find plenty of information to decide to establish in Mexico right away!

By: Jessica