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Building Nearshore IT-teams beyond borders

Technology and Innovation have no borders. Welcome to Mexico.

Without mentioning names, we all know that new immigration bills in the United States and recent threats to end programs for startups going to the US and start there represent a lot of uncertainty for companies working in the tech industry.

Consequences will come for start-ups in the Silicon Valley, which will have to adjust its salaries to the high demands of IT-professionals in the area, as well as face a shortage of talented developers that sooner or later, will be no longer filled with people from abroad.

To help all these coping with adversity, Mexico implemented some programs to welcome those who aren’t welcome in the US.

Executed by the government of the State of Jalisco, “Come2Jalisco” is one of these programs.

“Mexico’s leading technology hub stands ready to welcome talent from around the world, and collaborate directly to ensure that this pathway to great technology gains, remains a hallmark of achievement of which the Americas can be proud”

“Jalisco looks forward to supporting U.S. tech companies and forging prosperous and exciting business ventures together”  – Says the government on this portal.

The echo also resonated in India thanks to Mexico’s ambassador to this Country, who expressed that we will be more than happy to relocate Indians in Mexico. Visa ease” is one of the main benefits that foreign talent will experience in here.

According to Come2Jalisco, “Innovation has no borders” and totally agreeing with this statement, we want to encourage you to know more about our Country and its performance within the tech industry.

In case you aren’t from Mexico and know nothing about the Country, this could be a good opportunity, to put it on your radar and discover new business opportunities and advantages of our Nation.

Trustable companies such as ScreenIT that provides IT-Soft Landing Services, will be looking forward to welcoming and offer you a reliable IT-nearshore solution and a constantly growing pool of Mexican and foreign workers ready to leverage your business with all the local expertise that you need. 

With information from The New York Times.

By: Jessica


Building Nearshore IT-teams beyond borders
Building Nearshore IT teams beyond borders