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The Science of Data.

Have you ever wonder how Netflix determines your recommendations?  This is     thanks to an algorithm that was created as the result of data analysis. But who analyses all these data?

Well, that is the job of a Data Scientist; data is no longer just an afterthought for IT to handle. It’s key information that requires analysis, creative curiosity and  special skills for translating high-tech ideas into new ways to turn a profit.

Data Scientists explores from multiple sources, often immense (known as Big Data), and which may have many different formats. This information comes from data generated by all types of electronic devices, social networks, medical data, web pages etc. and affects research in many fields such as biological sciences, medical informatics, health, social sciences, among others.

Although a Data Scientist bachelor degree doesn’t exists in our country yet, the most common background and formation for this profile are the IT and  math related careers and the following skills:math, statistics,analytics,  machine learning tools and techniques, software engineering skills, data mining, data cleaning and munging, data visualization, reporting techniques, R and/or SAS languages, SQL databases and database querying language, Python (most common), C/C++ Java, Perl, Big data platforms, Cloud tools like Amazon S3 etc. You can also check the Master Degree that ITAM offers.

Talking about money, the salary range for Mexico goes from $20,000.00 to $50,000.00 pesos per month.

In the best scenario, a data Scientist will have all knowledge in one but in order to have a better performance, a company with  a Data Scientist initiative should consider having  4 kinds  of professionals: the IT or programing skills people who will help to complement the Statistical or mathematical tools basically program any function needed to evaluate data,   the Data analyst who is in charge to analyse and get the valuable data, and the Scientist that will be in charge of the definition and creation of  the behaviour model that will respond to a business model or business need. Finally the business person is needed to provide feedback and work together with the Data Scientific.

ScreenIT is having a strong initiative this year to bring this kind of projects to our operation.

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