By: Roxana Bastien

What are the ways of hire inside a staffing agency?

To explain it in a simple language, there are three possible ways of hire with the staffing agencies.

Let’s start with some terms to understand how this works.

Staffing agency has associates that they are able to offer to their clients on either temporary or permanent contract or if they don’t have a suitable candidate yet, they will conduct the search for the client to offer candidates.

Clients are companies that turn to staffing agencies in order to obtain candidates or employees for their positions.

Temporary/contract — you are an employee of the staffing agency and you get assigned to work for the staffing agency’s client. You work at the client’s office, but your staffing agency is still your employer,  they pay your salary, monitor your working time and vacation, answer your questions and take care of you in any way necessary.

Temp-to-perm/contract-to-hire — you are an employee of the staffing agency working for their client at first (usually for the probationary period). When the probationary period (or any other term that the client decides), the client hires you and you become the employee of the client and they pay your salary and take care of you. At that point your relationship with the staffing agency ends.

Permanent/Direct hire — the staffing agency conducts the search for the candidates, prescreen them, but then suitable candidates are interviewed by the client and when the chosen candidate is hired – he is hired directly by the client and with that his relationship with the staffing agency ends. The client is your employer right away.

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