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By: Yaneli Pacheco

What should I consider when applying for a vacancy? Is my profile suitable for the offer?

When we are actively looking for a job, it is important not to be despair and start applying for all the vacancies we find without having previously read them, this only causes our CV to go unnoticed and if the same recruiter find it again for a vacancy that you don’t fit, your cv will be ignored.

So what can we do?

If your intention is to continue in your same field of experience, let’s try to follow these steps:

1. Review the technical requirements of the vacancy

It is necessary to cover at least 80% of what is necessary for the position to be considered for it.

2. Be honest with your English level

If the vacancy indicates that it requires conversational or advanced English, it is a must. We need to be honest with ourselves and evaluate our vocabulary and fluency. If we are not sure if we can cover the requirement, we can ask for the opportunity to take the English assessment and based on this, the recruiter can decide if you can continue with the process.

Otherwise, if we know that we do not have the level of English required, let’s avoid making up stories, disappearing or lying. Be honest, the English test will not be answered magically and, you can generate distrust.

It is best to tell the truth and tell the recruiter if you have any other openings available where English is not required.

3. Try to evaluate your expenses against the salary offered.

If your expenses are higher than the offer, and you do not have another source of income, you must evaluate:

a) If the salary covers basic needs such as: food, expenses, entertainment, rent, payments, etc.

b) If the vacancy is in another state, you should consider a higher amount for rent and transfer.

If the vacancy does not indicate the salary it offers, be honest with your expectation and consider if the opportunity is in another state, remote, or if it is in the same city, evaluate distances.

4. Keep track of the vacancies applied.

Try to write down the basic info of the vacancies you are applying or have been considered; write company, recruiter name, vacancy name, location and salary. In this way, when they contact you again, you have all the info you need.

If your intention is to change your field of experience:

1. Mention in the email where you apply that you are interested in the vacancy because you want to learn and change your experience.

2. You must be willing to start from a Junior or Basic level

Let’s not hope that if we do not have any experience they will give us a Senior position, because it will not happen, we must have an open mind and keep our feet on the ground.

3. Consider that the salary offered, will NOT be according to the previous experience we have, since it is a clean start.

4. Be with the best possible attitude.

Hoping these tips work for you :). Remember, always keep a positive attitude.