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By: Mary Cornejo

What should I consider when starting a selection process with a company?

It is always a very important decision with whom or in which company to work, that is why when in job search, it is highly recommended to carry out an investigation in advance about the company, to know if in terms of values ​​it is what you are looking for, if it contributes or adds to your professional career, and if their objectives are in line with yours, in order to avoid spending time in interviews and processes with a company that you know from the beginning is not aligned with what you are looking for.

I understand that choosing a company to work for is an important decision, that is why I would like to share some key points that can help you as a guide to consider in the investigation process of the company to which you are considering to apply for.

*How is their internal communication? Consider if they have team meetings, the work environment, that they listen to the professional and follow up with disagreements.

*How much do they care about the professional? Is the person seen as key to the company? Ask or check if the company cares about the moral and physical stability of people.

*Does the company participate in social projects? An organization that collaborates with projects that contribute to the common good, and takes the initiative in organizing events with which they raise funds and promote educational or cultural projects, is a company that cares about the well-being of people.

*Corporate philosophy How much do you feel identified with your values ​​and company purposes?

We all want to develop our careers in competitive and happy environments. We spend so many hours of our lives at work that we aspire to feel as good as at home when we are at the office. I hope these points have helped you for you to consider when choosing a professional environment that is close to that ideal.