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Where to hire offshore developers?

If you ask me, where to hire offshore developers, my first answer would be Mexico. And it is not because I was born and raised in this magnificent country, but also because I know that Mexico has a wide pool of talented people willing to commit, purpose and grow your company.

In a previous post we have also made an input about thinking before choosing to do nearshore either with Mexico or India, interested? you can read our point of view.


Together with Argentina and Brazil, Mexico stands as one of the favorite countries in Latin America for outsourcing services. Latin America has a growing industry of software development and is a key factor due to their close proximity to North American regions. Here other factors to consider Mexico as an IT world class supplier.

Nearshore benefits

Many times in some other posts, I have talked about the numerous benefits that Mexico offers as a nearshore location (see further references at the end of this document), so this time, I would like to let you know the benefits that ScreenIT as a Mexican provider, has to your company.

We know that saving money on projects is a priority for any business, so we help you to save at least 40% on direct personnel costs and provide office space, workstations, connectivity and other facilities, all these costs are broke down and delivered in an invoice.

ScreenIT has a decade providing service

At ScreenIT the costs of your nearshore team are fully transparent and completely in your control. You will know exactly what your team members are getting in salary and benefits and you can budget this immediately.

You will have direct access to your team and you are free to coordinate with them directly or through your assigned ScreenIT account lead. You are also free to work with your team on location – in fact, we highly encourage you to visit your nearshore team. “Mi casa es su casa”.

In our blog we have some examples of our customers staying in Mexico for few days and working directly with their remote teams, available to be read.

Time is money

That’s why we take care of every detail and we help you to get the specialized developer profile needed in a fair period of time. Mexico has a very large, highly skilled, and available labor pool. If you are having a hard time attracting and retaining top talent locally, then nearshore staff leasing in Mexico can be a great solution.

Choosing a supplier isn’t easy

While going to a new country to set up an operation, you should take taxes, benefits policy and employment guidelines of the outsourcing country into account; sounds annoying, isn’t?
Well, it actually is, especially when you don’t know enough about the new country. By operating under the umbrella of a local partner such as ScreenIT, you can operate in the new region without worries. ScreenIT will take care of every single detail related to legal issues.

Mexico on the spot

We would like to encourage you to visit Mexico and know it within the Business context, more about the work conditions of your potential future software developers and experience the culture where your project will emerge from. We would love you to meet with our recruiting team: they really care to understand your needs. They will be waiting for you with arms wide open!


Do you want to know how we work? read this business case and visit the SUCCESS section of our homepage where you can better know our customers and partners.

In case you are not sure what kind of developers you need or how to work in a nearshore model our expert can guide you with no cost, just contact us.

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