By: Jessica

Why Queretaro?

How many times we haven’t heard the phrase location, location, location?

Location is important indeed, so any business or company should take it seriously, even more when they’re growing and looking for new territories to venture. This important decision shouldn’t been taken lightly, a lot of investigation should be done and a lot of factors should be taken into account to make the best decision in order to succeed with your business in a new place.

Looking for a good place in Mexico? Why not Queretaro?

Queretaro is located at the heart of Mexico, close to Mexico City and really well connected to other important cities like Guadalajara and Monterrey and with its intercontinental airport it is closer to the US with direct flights to Dallas, Houston and some other cities. In 2014 it was considered among the top 100 most competitive cities worldwide.

Queretaro has become a choice destination for foreign investors, why? Because it is a peaceful state, it has impressive educational institutions and a solid infrastructure. Its manufacturing sector stands out in Mexican economy, especially with its aerospace industry, that’s why companies like Bombardier and Eurocopter has trusted Queretaro.

In the recent years Queretaro had high investments in manufacturing and information technology, and it is predicted to have an important growth in this sector. In fact, it is the 4th city with most information technologies exports, just after Mexico City, Nuevo Leon and Jalisco.

Location is important and Queretaro is a good place to be.

By: Adelina Medina