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Why the recruiter didn’t call me after an interview and how should I act in this situation?

We see a vacancy that interests us, send our CV, they call us, schedule an interview, we go full of excitement and hope to find the job of our dreams, we believe that we did very well and days and days go by and they don’t call us. You start to wonder if you missed something, if you did something wrong, sometimes you even feel like you’ve failed.

Why do not they call me?

It is vital that you know that no, it is not you. There are many circumstances for which sometimes recruiters do not call us, sometimes clients cancel vacancies, put them on hold, or simply had some inconvenience and cannot take time for interviews, remember that, for any company, the operation comes first .

Sometimes it also happens that the recruitment area has a workload and your application has passed by. But remember that “interest has feet”, and if you are interested in the vacancy and would like to work there, give the recruiter a call, send an email, etc.

It also happens that your technical skills does not match with what is requested in the position, in that case it would be ideal if they could share the feedback, this will give you the opportunity to see what they are asking for in the market? How are salaries? What do you need to learn or what should you train on? Etc. That is why it is ideal that you have a good relationship with your recruiter, he or she can help you with these issues and guide you to find an opportunity according to your profile.

Remember that…

Recruitment area is in charge of finding the right person for the right position, this does not imply that you are “good” or “bad”, you simply have to adapt to the position they have, that implies the technical part (necessary technical knowledge), interpersonal skills (depending on whether you are going to work alone or with a team) and sometimes even personality issues (there are bosses who are cooler and bosses who are more strict and certain personalities don’t always match well). It is the duty of the recruiting area to find people who can harmoniously adapt to the team and who can give their best and get the best out of other team members.

In this context, it is important that you do not take things personally, perhaps you are not the right candidate for some vacancy, but for many others you are.

Treating recruiters, interviewers, and anyone you are in contact with respect can also support your search and is also part of your personal branding. Sometimes it is more important to have a good attitude than to have a lot of knowledge, because it is useless if you do not know how to share it.

On the other hand, being committed to the processes, taking online interviews on time, having the necessary tools (laptop, headphones, development environment), attending face-to-face interviews on time, personal hygiene, not committing to things that you cannot fulfill and have a respectful treatment can open the door for current processes and even future opportunities.

Finally, it is essential not to give up, since there are many circumstances for which hiring may or may not occur, but the more interviews you carry out, the more likely you are to find something that really interests you, according to what you are looking for (economically and professionally) and that makes you happy.