By: Jessica

Working with ScreenIT and visiting our clients can be fun. We tell you why!

Adaptive Insights is one of our main projects on ScreenIT, from May 1st to May 13 our very talented and awesome QA Tester Severo Medina,visited  the Adaptive Insights Headquarters located in Palo Alto California. 

His visit mainly consisted on working with the US QA team, he received interesting trainings and validating processes knowledge, lot to share and learn.


Severo was welcomed by Henry Chen (QA manager) who took him from the hotel to the office.  Every Monday Adaptive offers catering to their people, for Severo’s surprise it was mexican food! (Nice welcome detail isn’t?).

On Tuesday he had the opportunity to introduce himself to the team in the engineering meeting and  instead of a very big session, he was able to meet each team member at lunch time.

Adaptive is full of people from across the world, the installations are very similar to the Google ones, you can relax in a cozy sofa;if you are feeling nostalgic you can play nintendo 64  or enjoy a movie in the 70 inches screen, as they did on May the 4th to commemorate Star Wars Day. Feel more like relaxing with a friend? Adaptive has a foosball table for a cool game.


While having interesting tech sessions,Severo also  spend some time around the region. Why not an afternoon at the Golden Bridge? Or the Google campus?

Our team member  had the chance to know interesting and diverse kind of people. Did you know that San Francisco has the most crookedest (1 block  section having 8 hairpin loops) street? It’s name is Lombard Street.

Now Severo is back in our offices, in duty to share with Mexico’s team what he learned and of course cultural pieces of the American life:  balanced work time to be combined with personal life.

These are benefits received when someone is part of our company. ScreenIT mainly brings projects from the Silicon Valley area to Mexico.

We invite technology people to contact us. There is no doubt we want you on board.

Special thanks to Severo Medina for sharing his experience.

 By: Arce

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