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By: Manuel Garcia

Your technological life running through… a hair?

Well, not literally… First of all, I would like to know how much do you like technology in your life? If your answer goes from “I love it” to “Can’t live without it” then it’s time for you to know about one of the biggest players that make your life possible the way you like it now: Fiber Optics.

The technological revolution is advancing in leaps and bounds, from smartphones to self-driven cars; everything comes up mainly thanks to the advance in telecommunications specifically with fiber optics cablings that go from 8.3 to 10 microns of diameter, much less than an average hair.

Since the 1980’s fiber optics have made the digital world what it is today, a reality where most of the processes start to work through Cloud Computing, which is translated into a lot of data that must be analyzed, interpreted and stored in a cloud, and bring access from any part of the world in a fast way.

For both, development and user experience processes, connectivity is key and this is achieved through evolution and growth of digital pathways, which start from fiber optics.

Then, who do you need to thank for being able of uploading videos to the web in a faster way? Or watching all your friends’ photos on Facebook in just a few minutes? To our beloved fiber optics.

One topic that has been trend since the end of 2018 is the arrival of a 5G network, much faster and with greater data capacity that any other of the previous ones. 5G network will allow quicker downloads, video watching, processes programming, better graphics and the use of augmented reality, virtual and mixed, much more fluent online; furthermore, better implementation of IoT, creation of Smart Cities, as well as much more efficient companies.

So, once again, just in case you are not very convinced; who is the responsible of making your programming job faster, better and enjoyable? Well, your deploying processes are what they are now because of fiber optics.

One of the sectors that will benefit most from the introduction of the 5G network will be programming, especially in the gaming field since this will allow to develop and play with better graphics without worrying about the download time. A greater and more engaging use of virtual or augmented reality will be possible, either in a game or in an immersion experience for a company.

That’s why fiber optic developers, such as Fibrain, have been committed to create materials that allow this type of improvements in the digital sector achieving better connectivity between users and devices.

It’s still early to see how far we can go with this new network and the new roads that are spreading in the world to connect us much more efficiently, however by this time we can start imagining what the digital world would become.

About the author
Graduated from International Trade Bachelor at ITESM Campus Toluca. Founder and CEO of Grupo Inkania de Mexico, exclusive partner in Mexico of the Polish brand of solutions in structural cabling and fiber optics, Fibrain; Manuel has more than 5 years of experience in the telecommunications solutions area. Grupo Inkania de México, has also a family tradition background of more than 30 years in the building trade industry.