Virtual Captive solutions, Staff Leasing, and BOT
services to US and LATAM.

ScreenIT has always had the fixed vision of becoming a major LATAM player in the IT, Engineering and RPO services arena. It was founded in 2005, is having Queretaro, Mexico as home of its Corporate HQ, opened its USA subsidiary in Houston, TX in 2010.


Enable business growth of our
clients by providing flexible and
intelligent outsourcing solutions
in Mexico, contributing to the
development of IT talent in
our country.

We changed our business model in 2008 becoming one of the top IT Talent Attraction firms in Mexico providing services to the biggest IT Mexican Consulting companies based in the country.
We have served as well as to several Indian companies that were setting up their businesses during that time. The foundation of ScreenIT was to minimize the gap that exists between the understanding of the HR Departments, focused on identifying and assessing the HR Talent, and the IT Departments demanding highly technical skilled professionals.

Back in 2010 ScreenIT began providing Virtual Captive solutions, Staff Leasing, and BOT services to US and LATAM clients seeking to leverage their operations in Mexico through a local partner.



Be identified as one of the 3 best options in Mexico by decision makers from
companies in USA and LATAM for the launch of its IT operations in Mexico; and be
the best employer for IT human talent in the country..



+ Cost reduction
+ Risk mitigation
+ Cultural affinity
+ Quick operation start
+ Client maintains control
of operations
+ Relocation services
+ Solid hiring model
+ Client see’s offices as
his own
+ Geographic convenience.
Proximity to the USA
+ Recruitment and
personnel administration
+ Clear contracts


Eduardo Campos
Chief Executive Officer

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“If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work”.
Playing golf and running is how I like to spend some of my free time. I am currently preparing myself for my first triathlon.
A seasoned executive, President, CEO and founder of ScreenIT, I have been in the IT-HR outsourcing market for more than 20 years now; working for companies such as GE and Softtek amongst others. Throughout the years, I have successfully launched and managed nearshore operations for multiple medium-sized and large enterprises from US, LATAM, and Europe (five-1300 employees). As CEO I am responsible for the overall results of our clients’ Nearshore operations in Mexico. Every day I demonstrate this through my hands-on approach and intense personal involvement.
I´m happily married to Marcia and together we have two great kids André and Mathias.

Liz Mundo
Chief Operating Officer

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“What goes around, comes around. That saying inspires me to treat kindly everyone, as I want to be treated that way.”
I like to spend time bonding with Porsha my dog and reading about Mexican history, especially The Conquest.
Under this role, I am responsible to oversee the ongoing IT projects within the company.
I will be serving customers, team members and the different areas of ScreenIT to make sure all the projects excel.
I commit to continue looking for ways to contribute to the long-term success of ScreenIT.

Rafael Cortés
Customer Success Director

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“Live life in a good manner enjoying and respecting all and abiding by one’s own proper acts” my own personal motto!
Essentially and proudly, I am a Family man! I like to serve with excellence and do business adding value to our clients.
I have had the chance to undertake business development internationally for the last 25 years, in different nations and industries and for a very diverse set of clients. This has helped me understand that no matter place and values, people are the same, always looking to do good, to improve and prosper and help the others.

Jessica Aguado
Customer Care

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“Work hard, have fun and make history” – Jeff Bezos. I enjoy life when I spend some time with my loved ones. I love the beach and I love winter too. To smile is my favorite way to introduce myself.

Valeria Portillo
Executive assistant

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“The Best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln
Learning new languages and cooking are two of my biggest passions.

Carla Morones
Finance & Admin.

“Happiness is reached when what you think, what you say and waht you do are in harmony.” – Ghandi
I like all kinds of movies and spinning, the best part of my day is being with my family.

Rebeca Mitre Tamez
Marketing and Strategic Planning consultant

Rebeca has 20 years of experience as international executive, working with top international companies (Unilever, Ceras, Johnson, Kellogg) in marketing, innovation and trade-marketing in Mexico, US and LATAM.
Rebeca collaborates actively with institutions in Mexico promoting entrepreneurship, like “Tecnológico de Monterrey” and “Endeavor” incubator.
As of today, she is speaker of conferences and courses in Human Development areas, Leadership, Strategic Planning and Marketing Innovation. Rebeca accomplished her MBA in Strategic Direction at the ITAM. She is also certified as “International Coach” and “Facilitator” of the Pacific Institute.

Patricia López
OSM / Finance

Patricia has 17 years of experience working for international companies in accounting and controlling positions. Her earliest experiences go from leading activities in the Kellogg’s shared service center for Latin America (Gollek), to providing business and advisory services in PwC. Her work in European manufacturing plants for the appliance and automotive industries are part of her experience with leading positions as controller and finance manager (Diehl Controls and Rehau respectively). She consolidated her career as the controller for Latin America in Xylem Water Systems and later, as Operational Support Manager in Guardian Industries, where she led the implementation of financial solutions in Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica. Patricia is currently preparing for her next challenge as regional OSM for Asia.