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By: Roxana Bastien

How can a video interview software help a recruiter?

A video interview platform allows the recruiters to connect many candidates remotely and make a hire fast, structured and convenient.

It helps recruiters in so many ways; it allows them to check on a candidate on different parameters like knowledge depth, body gesture (non-verbal cues), a candidate command over technology, among many others.

This new trend of video interview sped up due to COVID-19 improves the process of recruitment in so many ways:

*Ease the scheduling burden.

*Reduces the need of physical appearance.

*It can minimize the multiple rounds of interview.

*It gives the candidate a comfortable environment which brings out their full capability.

Video interview technology provides many perks to both candidates and recruiters alike. It’s a useful platform that makes hiring processes more convenient for businesses.

Once thought of as something only major corporations could afford, video interviewing software has since become accessible to companies of all sizes. At ScreenIT we use video interview software to help optimize our processes.

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