By: Roxana Bastien

How is artificial intelligence being used in recruiting?

Artificial Intelligence is contributing a lot to the recruitment process. It is important to remember that AI is not just about automating the traditional offline process, but intelligently. To make it easier to understand how AI can help in recruiting, let’s delve into a simple 3-level recruitment process and explore what AI can do.


1. The recruitment process begins, with the request for approval of all stakeholders.

What can AI help with?

*Identifying the need based on the company’s hiring plans using data analytics.

*Obtain endorsements from stakeholders through automated notifications.

*Automatically generates the most suitable job description that not only attracts relevant talent but also helps you find the best fit.

2. Once the request is generated, recruiters start sourcing candidates from various channels such as social media, job boards, career page, referrals, agencies, etc.

What can AI help with?

*Automatically post and share jobs across all sourcing platforms.

*Receive candidate applications directly in the central repository.

*Notify applicants automatically of application receipt.

*Suggest the most relevant jobs based on candidate profile details.

*Easy and fast application process through auto-fill application forms.

*Reduction to identify candidates who have applied in the past.

3. After sourcing, recruiter will do screening & shortlisting of candidates by reading the resumes. These candidates are eventually recruited through the interview process.

What can AI help with?

*Schedule interviews with shortlisted candidates with hiring managers.

*Send status updates to candidates along with specific feedback.

*Create offer letters and organize on-boarding of selected candidates.

*Parsing resumes to create structured information with the necessary insights.

*Clever matching of candidate profiles with job requirements to identify the best-fit.

*Override candidates’ phone screening process via AI-enabled screening chatbots.

*Testing for procedure video interviews and technical insights for behavioral insights.

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