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What seemed to be the end has turned to be the beginning.

We don’t like to call our service “outsourcing” even though we have some of that.

ScreenIT has been in the industry for 10 years and since then, our core activity has been to create software development teams.  We are updated with technology tendencies and we can easily get in contact with this kind of talent in Mexico.

But in 2017 we decided to go an extra mile…


The first step

This trip begins when someone enters ScreenIT and is assigned to a client project.

On one hand, during the first months, the new member tries to catch whatever he can: team members send him information, the business logic needs to be understood, tools need to be learned, there is so much going on and no one is so close to facilitate.

On the other hand, customers must keep the pace of the project as if nothing new has happened in it.


Our opportunity window.

Customer and team members are focused on just the project.

Though when a new team member enters, many things happen:

  • -Team members need to understand technical and the business logic
  • -New tools and even programming language (s) must be learned or mastered
  • -Processes are in place but they are new to the team member that is joining the assignment.
  • -Projects could be in their way to reach maturity: requirements are changing, processes, methodology are not in place, and etc.
  • -Names, faces, and personalities are recent
  • -Different ways to communicate and more if the team is distributed in different locations
  • -Culture, is interesting that some people are still afraid to propose, ask, take the leadership, etc
  • -Customers might not be easy to reach, they might be in other facilities, some other projects or even in different time zones with more responsibilities.
  • -Families and moving to a different city could be a reason for the new person to be worried.
  • -Hiring processes might take longer, require extra documents or steps.

The list could continue…


How to help each side to close the natural gap that exists every time a customer gets a new member? And how to do it in the shortest time and in the best way possible?

This year, we have implemented a follow-up program with our customers, projects and new team members, a layer among the new team member, his/her daily routine and the customer.

This layer means wide possibilities to support the projects, the team members, and the customers.

Having this kind of approach has helped us to find refreshing ways to support our projects.

Just to mention some examples, in one team we are facilitating Scrum as a working methodology, in other teams, we are coaching to reinforce programming skills, and easing testing processes.

Implementing Agile


The beginning of prosperous stories.

So far, this extra effort has been rewarding, we have witnessed team members are more involved in what they do, expressions like “no one has given me this follow up” make our day.   On the customer side, they appreciate ScreenIT is caring about the human side of the team member and giving them a different vision of their performance. Also, they don’t have to worry about the new team member adapting to the project.  For those customers that are outside Mexico, they can be sure that the teams are being taken care of. We are so close to the customers and team members that, if any risk or important communication arises, it is addressed immediately.

ScreenIT is working together with customers and team members to #UnleashTheirPotential



By: Liz Mundo

Chief Operating Officer