By: Jessica

Rising IT sector in Queretaro… 10 years of InteQsoft hard work

This time we’ve prepared a very special input, let me tell you about it … Last week, ScreenIT was honored to attend a meeting at Ciudad Maderas, the place where InteQsoft  the state IT cluster recently opened its brand new house, Vortice Itech Park. InteQsoft is the association of Information Technology and Communications companies in Queretaro, a group that supports technological development in the city.

During the morning of that Monday, everything seemed to be normal, a meeting with all the InteQsoft members, some news about amazing technological releases in Queretaro city coming soon and some other information about the techie world in the city. We didn’t know that apart of being there to hear and share experiences, we were actually celebrating the 10th anniversary of InteQsoft.

A big and delicious cake was prepared for the celebration , and all the members of the advisory board were present in front of all the people coming from different companies. They recalled how hard the path has been, without enough money to start a big project and many different obstacles that have never failed to appear.


The work that people of InteQsoft has done is excellent, all they are very experienced and professional and we at ScreenIT are proud of being part of this cluster, one of the most important ones in the Mexican Republic, and we are also very excited and enticed to have the opportunity of working together with many other amazing and talented companies, joining our effort to expand technology all around the city and the state, just to get a better prepared and developed IT community.

We want to extend our congratulations and sincere appreciation to all the members of InteQsoft, we know each one of them has a primary role in the upgrowth of the group, although the journey has been hard, teamwork has been great too, we have no doubts about how much more Queretaro can rise in the Information Technology world.

Liz & Jess
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