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ScreenIT, IT Soft landing services in Mexico.

This is what happens when customers visit ScreenIT offices.

ScreenIT assists companies in US and Canada to set up or grow their own Software development teams in a Nearshore model. The way you need it, at the time that you need it. We guarantee our teams are highly skilled engineers. We propose and the customer decides if someone is part of the team.

Some clients come to Mexico to know us better and understand how we work. We always embrace this kind of trips, this is why we want to tell you the ScreenIT experience.

Let us start by telling you that we prepare very hard each time someone comes to visit us. We really care about all the business relationships.

Before your visit.

Since the very beginning, we get in touch with the person in charge of your travel.
Our so smart and versatile executive assistant make all the suggestions needed for your trip. If you prefer she can do all the arrangement. Valeria does an awesome job in such a way, we can guarantee your stay will be productive and pleasant.


Building Nearshore IT-teams beyond borders
Valeria will assist you before and during your visit to ScreenIT.

During your visit to ScreenIT’s offices.

All depends on your business plan but mostly we suggest you arrive in Queretaro to our headquarter offices.

Most of the time we set up a car driver that will take you wherever is needed.
You can feel confident to get to our offices, everybody at ScreenIT will speak fluent English.
We will set up all the needed meetings. In those, you will testify how open, easy and serious our business conversations usually flow.

Building Nearshore IT-teams beyond borders
ScreenIT enjoys the human side of each person that visit us.

One more advantage to come to the office is that you will be able to know part of the team. Ask as many questions you might have and the best of all will be that you will witness how valuable is for us to know both human sides.

Being at our offices will allow you appreciate how similar our culture is with yours, how we think, speak, interact, eat, and even dress.

We strongly suggest you add some more time to your schedule since if we have the window opportunity, we can take you to know the city or areas around.

When you come to visit our facilities, we have the chance to take you to know a little more about our culture. A friendly lunch or dinner is the perfect time to better know each other. An informal but interesting conversation is key to ScreenIT.

Great time with customers during November.

November is finished. During this month, we had the privilege to receive MM.Lafleur from New York and Belatrix Software from Argentina. We are so honored to have a terrific time with each of them.

We hope to continue helping our potential and actual clients broaden their IT teams. If you have questions regarding the way we work you can review our business cases.

In case you want to get in touch contact us, an expert will provide you an immediate response.

ScreenIT is enriched with every visit we have.