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How To Stay Always Inspired

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it”. -Bob Dylan.

Firstly, we need to accept the “ever flowing” nature of inspiration. If we think that being inspired is a state we can fully master once and for all, we are signing ourselves up for massive disappointment. Inspiration is something that needs to be renewed every single day.

Like a car requires fuel to keep going, we have the inspiration tank that needs to be refilled on regular basis. If we push ourselves into action without “fuelling” our tank over time, we will face fatigue, boredom, and reach the state of burnout. The worst fate: we could give up.

We can’t go far without renewing our inspiration that “pushed” us into doing the action, or starting the process in the first place, so this is why here are some tips you can apply to refill your inspiration tank:

Be Strategic With Your Time
It is really important to plan your day and schedule time for all of your tasks. Distractions happen, but blocking out time for specific projects will help you not waste as much time.

Find your allies
Do not go into it alone! Surround yourself with people that bring you joy or cultivate your tribe. Use your network and step out of your comfort zone! It is all about the connections you make and how you present yourself.

Inspiration Through Collaboration
Team up! Some of the best ideas and outcomes come from collaboration with others. You never know where inspiration can stem from. Get your hands dirty and get more involved with the process. You can even schedule inspiration days to help narrow in on what inspires you.

Return To Your Roots
Come back to your roots and stay grounded. Remember what it is that made you start your process from the beginning. You will always have ups and downs but remembering what you love and why you started will keep you in check.

Continue To Grow And Learn
There is ALWAYS something you can educate yourself about more. Look to books, peers and other outlets to help you continue to learn and grow. Remember, creativity starts at the end of your comfort zone.