By: Roxana Bastien

Why Nearshore Outsourcing?

Nearshore IT outsourcing is making waves in USA, Canada and South America. Nowadays, staff augmentation or staff leasing service in countries with the same timezone is the best way to run an IT company, and it has many pro’s your organization could be benefited with.

But first, let us make a short introduction on what is nearshoring.

Nearshoring is an arrangement (connection) that promotes a close working relationship with an outsourcing partner team due to being located in a less expensive, technically competitive and culturally similar close country. For example, you could have your IT company in USA, or Canada but have your development team in another country like Mexico.

It is a great way to scale up your business with minimum spending and risks. To put it briefly, nearshoring is more cost-efficient than insourcing, and less risky than offshoring. However, these are not the only advantages, when you nearshore your software development, you also get other benefits:

*Same or similar time zones will ensure more effective cooperation between you and your nearshoring partner.

*Geographical proximity makes it easier to meet onsite, especially when it’s urgent.

*Neighbouring countries are more likely to have specialists speaking your language.

*Nearshoring minimizes the cultural differences between teams.

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