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A brief and powerful line to be used as an email subject. A couple of months ago, an email with this subject line bumped our inbox. A big opportunity to help establishing a Nearshore Development Center in Mexico was coming.

A 150 person technology company, located in San Francisco (SFO) was looking for establishing nearshore and was indeed considering Eastern Europe and Latin America. So, here we were, ScreenIT – IT Soft landing services – was competing against some other great companies from very talented regions. However, after reviewing information, nearshoring benefits of Mexico resonated strongly with them.

Looking to start small and once they had a successful model, to scale their team, the potential client decided to start a process with us! So, working together with our co-workers Rafa – Customer Success Director – from Sales and Vero from our recruiting department, started looking for the ideal candidates to show this company the power of Mexican Java developers along with Hibernate and Spring experience.

While our recruitment team was researching for Java devs using ScreenIT’s sourcing and analytic tools, Sales started to work one on one with the company, in order to let them know how the Staff Leasing model works – we staff tech companies and build IT-teams on a remotely based model -; the costs for a 5+ year of experience developer and the attractiveness of hiring them from Mexico instead of rolling their development team themselves.

A couple of calls and emails were shared, our team was always happy to listen to the needs of who, at that time, already started to shine as a client. Our rock star recruitment team sent a good number of candidates that covered all the necessary skills for the position and the interviewing period started. Our client interviewed them and shared feedback in order to find not only a good developer but the best-skilled professional in the field.

Before starting this part of the process, it was essential for both parts to sign an NDA, just to make our client feel confident about all its information and data to be safe and private.

After a few weeks and once the client found the perfect fit for its IT development team in Mexico – under the Nearshore model -, it was time to close the deal and set its extended arm. For what, Rafa Cortes helped us to set the contract and sent it to SFO to be signed by our brand new client. Attached to our transparency core value, this contract included the whole information of the operation, the salary of the resources and ScreenIT margin, clear clauses, among others.

Perfect then! Everything was set and ready! This SFO company was already our client! The first hired person had a couple of previous calls with the company to know everything about the project, processes, and information related. Monday came and it was officially his first day of work.

Nowadays, the team is already working perfectly from Mexico, the project is running fast and in the way it should be. We are happy to share with you this story. We successfully helped to establish a remote IT development team to another San Francisco’s Bay Area company.

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