By: Jessica

Nearshore operations: Are foreign companies going to understand my requirements?

To transfer a business process to companies in a nearby country might result a little bit stressful, especially when we are not sure if people in the other country is going to fully understand our needs.

If you are deciding between nearshoring or not, and one of your concerns is the whole process that you’ll have to run, please no more worries, we came with the second part of the Nearshore series to explain how this process works with ScreenIT.

The first step is to understand and analyze your requirements, we want to be a hundred percent sure that we are talking the same language.

Once your offshore operation is well-defined, we can move to the second step and start working out a service delivery and pricing model to be presented to you, taking care of every detail to make it as clearer as possible. There will undoubtedly be a certain level of back-and-forth before we reach an agreement on our basic terms of service and our pricing.

Always formal and transparent, we’ll move forward to formalize in a services agreement which will contain all the details of your nearshore operations and the service delivery we have previously agreed to. After this, we go back to step 1 where your requirements are translated into a staffing plan, taking in consideration job profiles, headcounts and go-live dates for each position.

While our IT department works on getting all the IT and infrastructure assets in place, our talent acquisition department will use the plan to source the most suitable candidates and run through the agreed screening process, during this whole step you are free to decide how involved you´d like to be with the screening and selection.

Ready to go live? Well the, ScreenIT´s team is. Once the infrastructure, talent and management resources are done, your nearshore operation can go live and start operations on location in Mexico. These normal daily operations are carefully managed by our team, which will make sure that any operational issue is immediately addressed.

Simple steps for such a big beneficial operation. We want you to be sure that we’ll be always accompanying you, from the initial contact until hiring your own virtual staff in Mexico and even after…  Your success is always our success!


By: Jess

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