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In the end; it’s only human after all!

The songwriter is right. Above all, beyond all, on top of it all…it is the human factor that prevails. The real personable, sensible, sincere and open humanly traits that we all have is what lets us become, do, accomplish and specially service the others.

So, on this note, we went to Toronto, Canada a couple of weeks ago. And such a good business trip it has been. We met 21 humans (after all! ☺) as titles, industry sectors and work focus are second to the very personality of each one of these ladies and gents that we had the great chance to encounter including a vast diversity of economic players: investors, analysts, NGO leaders, think-tank members, business owners, trade executives, government officers, tech-starts and newborn tech-starts to be, accelerators, both private & public, tech guru´s, and long cherished friends who also brought knowledge, vision and their will to help on their human stature!

We came so happy and plan to act ahead on every compromise we agreed with each and every old and new counterpart and encounter. We are into the servicing of companies to maximize their revenue by

adding, on our end, three key elements: service and shortened time to market through top talent, intimacy with client by really get to know their needs and bringing in different proven and value-based potential solutions and in-depth market knowledge of our own IT marketplace in Mexico.

Competition is, as it should be, so strong which is only good as it will help us bring the best on us all at ScreenIT and comply with contracted services to be provided on a timely and efficient manner and with a differential all along the way: our human touch! Our human values and our human desire to fulfill and surpass objectives and really become more than a vendor a real strategic partner for each and every client, as we have proven to be able to do on other world markets for the last decade.

So, let’s sing and remember that in the end “it’s only human after all!”


By  Rafael J. Cortés

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