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What is to be @Campus Party

Our first time at #CPMX7, not only it was my first time as a regular attendee but also as a sponsor, ScreenIT gave me both opportunities and here is how it went:

Living in #CDMX I arrived to #GDL  a few days before the event, you can access a day earlier if you pay the camping ticket, but I decided to go with the flow and access the first day. The first thing you need to do as a “campusero” which means regular attendee,  is fill your registry and settle your camping, this may take a couple hours, after that, you are good to go and enjoy all the wonderful things #CPMX7 has for you.

Programs are available at the information modules, they’re very useful as conferences, activities and workshops are taking place at the same time.


 They also come with a map so you won’t get lost.

Now that you have your schedule, it’s time to have fun, learn, and do some networking; you need to plan how to apply your time because your body will not last 24 hrs for 4 days, so select what to do and what events to attend, save some time to rest; even if you are camping the fun doesn’t end. You can expect a  huge tower of pizza boxes, live music and dancing, and  meeting funny characters like “Jesus”.  



What can be done in Campus Party? Well  the question is not what can be done but what can’t be done. Form learning from others, attending to workshops, coding, play videogames (Microsoft was presented with a large stand of Xbox featuring Mortal Kombat besides other games), more coding, remember you can participate in the yearly hackathon, you can sell souvenirs, give and get stickers or test your abilities as a drone pilot. 


And let’s don’t forget the freebies many companies are willing to give in exchange for likes, follows or as a prize for winning some game. ScreenIT decided to give custom sleepers and pillows., I felt nearly dying when all the people approached to me asking for one; besides the freebies, we were also giving massages from our very pretty models.

The mood is something else to enjoy, everyone is open to talk, to share and help.

The real deal at #CPMX7 is #feelthefuture, feel the technology, we had the chance to be in one of the most important conferences and see how Frida, a little robot powered by IBM Watson,came to live and made tai chi in front of our own eyes.

To end 4 days full of intense activities and non sleeping,we assisted the hackathon award ceremony which has the record of the world’s largest hackathon,  this year theme was against poverty and the #Brainics team won.

There’s still a lot to tell about #CPMX7 and we will be posting our experience so follow us in our social media, and be ready for the next year because ScreenIT will be there.

Special thanks to Liz, Blanca and Mary for collaborating with this blog entry.

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