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So tell me how is the process to be hired by ScreenIT

This week I was curious about how candidates, skilled IT developers in Mexico, live the recruitment and hiring process with us: ScreenIT so…

I called Eric Bautista he was recently hired and in process by one of our top performers recruiter: Fransueli Varela.

I’ll share with you a little testimony:


The process with ScreenIT was a completely different experience, very punctual, informed and with a lot of feedback. To begin, the first contact was very accurate to my profile, experience area and skills. I had 2 interviews with the final client.

Before every interview Fransueli called me to be sure I was attending and wish me the best of luck. Also she called me as well after the interviews just to ask how did I feel.

The whole process took approximately from 15 to 20 days. During all these time, I was informed of what was happening. Fransueli was always very kind and happy.


The day she announced me that I was selected, she first contacted me by skype asking if she could call me, a very nice detail!

The moment I heard the good news, I was in kind of shock, she was very joyful and needless to say she took care of everything being in order with the administrative process.

There is more to say

The first day of my new job, Fransueli called me to know how I was doing and she still does it.

As you see we care a lot about the candidate experience not only Fransueli but all
our recruiters are passionate about their job and working with people as well as trained to accurately look for the right fit for every job opportunity we have.

 Your next step

So, if you want a new job adventure, new challenges and a pleasant recruitment process do not hesitate in sending us your resume, we’ll be happy to know you!

Finally, I want to thank Eric Bautista for sharing his experience and congratulate Fransueli Varela for her valuable and loving job; we are very proud of having you in our family.

By Arce