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Building Nearshore IT-teams beyond borders

Would it be a smart decision to establish a business operation in Mexico?

You may have heard about Mexico and some kind of bad attributes that might be the reason why you postpone or don’t even consider a life or the establishment of a business in this Country.

Just to begin

I’m writing this blog to show you that Mexico is not as bad as some media makes it out to seem. I know the kind of bad thoughts that people around the world can have about my country. Well, I’ve been living in Mexico my whole life and nothing bad has happened to me or any of my friends or clients from other parts of the world.

The reality is

Don’t be afraid of being here and be treated as a stranger, people in Mexico will make you feel like you were home; it does not matter if you are a traveler or a business person.

We love to talk to people from abroad and we get excited about helping others and showing how great our Country is. I know, not everything is about feeling good, but safe and comfortable too.

You need to know that

You may like to read that the cost of living is around 30% – 50% lower compared to the US. Fulfilling life will cost you a fraction of what you pay there.

A standard of living could be better. Buying real estate is reliable and easy.  There are cities like Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, Vallarta where American retirees or significant international communities live. Groceries, entertainment, private healthcare, everything here simply costs less and guarantees the quality of services and products.

Most of the services as healthcare and entertainment are given in English.

Are you coming from North America?

Well, you must know that Mexico is not a place where English is the first language, however, a lot of people in the Country speak your language and they will do its best to talk to you.

Being nearshore the U.S. is a bonus, to travel back and forth for business or vacation is possible.

A lot of different airlines offer direct flights between Mexican and U.S. cities and you can even drive there.

Regarding job opportunities; getting a work visa is not difficult either once you have a job offer. If you are a graduate or post graduate with an ascertainable experience in your area, it wouldn’t be difficult to get a job once in Mexico.

For companies

In case you’re not thinking about coming to live in Mexico, but to establish your company, I have good news for you, there are some requirements you need to full fill if you decide to do it on your own.   Now, in case you are interested in how IT services are in Mexico, please look at this video, it explains how it has been growing in our country.

This is a complete list to better choose a partner in case you are looking to go nearshore.

ScreenIT is a company with more than a decade providing IT outsourcing services under the nearshore model: virtual captive, staff leasing, and BOT services to the US, Canada, and LATAM  for those that are seeking to leverage their operations in Mexico. We will be glad to contact you**.

If you are a startup and you think trying nearshore is not a good idea or if you are unsure about it, we have prepared some recommendations.

You might be interested to read about the last government effort to receive the IT community in our Country.

By operating under the umbrella of a local partner, you can get benefits such as learning more about the new region before deciding to operate here independently, review other factors for you to consider when selecting a vendor.


I don’t have enough space to write everything that’s wonderful about living here, but I hope this blog has helped you to realize that Mexico is so big and diverse and not as bad as you see or hear.

Whether your dream involves waves, blue ocean, mountains, reflections of sunrise over a lake, jungle or any other scenario and weather, you can turn that dream into reality by moving to Mexico. Great things are happening in our Country!


By Jessica Aguado