By: Jessica


A trend of this year that seems to remain latent is “IOT”, which has caught the attention thanks to its way of facilitating everyday life and getting the world closer. 

This digital interconnection has managed to connect so many “things” that now, we could say that we have the world only a “click away”. Now your home, the street, the car, the school and the way you use things and interact with objects is practically a scene of the future.

The benefits of IOT can be seen since we wake up, not only benefiting in individual, but also having great impacts on companies: which are moving towards this trend by applying and marketing these technologies in their products.

The ability of “things” to learn from our habits will make that to use a toothbrush that knows exactly how to adapt to your mouth or to manipulate a scalpel without needing to be in the same room seem to be as normal as using a tablet or a smartphone.

The industry is not exempt from IOT; innumerable sectors of manufacturing, transport and even health are revolutionizing the way in which they perceive its new products and services. Today’s consumer has plenty of smart product ranges that are renewed at an impressive speed, from a bracelet that measures physical activity, learns it and proposes new training until completely smart homes.

It’s been a long time since IOT started and it seems that it won´t stop. Although, realizing that not everything would be beneficial makes us think about “Security”. You cannot have an infrastructure that connects every part of your home or business without investing in data protection, anti-theft or hacking systems.

What are the the technological developments coming for 2017? Surely more than we can imagine.

By: Vero

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