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Mexico: ready and willing to provide world-class IT services

Your company needs to increase their operations, but costs are high in your country and saving money is important to you, so you are considering to look for a nearshore partner to work with. An experienced and talented IT team has high priority as the same as real-time solutions and easy information exchange between you and your provider. Not so bad, if apart from all these, you find cultural affinity with you and your team too. By reading lines above, which countries come to your mind? Is Mexico among those?

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In case your answer is no, you should probably consider Mexico as a potential location for your nearshore business…

“Amid shifting realities, Mexico’s IT sector has much to offer to the world. From its strategic geographical location and cultural affinity with the United States to its booming startup community and close, this nation of 122 million is ready and willing to provide world-class IT services, domestically and abroad” (Nearshore Americas)

According to the report “Mexico: Nearshore Leadership Amid Shifting Realities,” made by Nearshore Americas, Mexico’s IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing industries will enjoy a combined compound annual growth (CAGR) of 11% through 2018, continuing a trend that began in 2012. As a result, Mexico’s ITO/BPO industry will approach $26 billion in value by the end of 2018. At the same time, Mexican BPO/ITO will outpace the industry growth rate in Latin America.

A wide recommendation about Mexico is made on this report. Our nation’s large population and highly skilled professionals are a key point. There’s talent spread all around the country, a key differentiator for Mexico. “…The depth of talent across Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey — as well as smaller cities like Mérida, Tijuana, and Aguascalientes — gives plenty of options for sourcing talent.” Said Sean Goforth, director of research at Nearshore Americas.

Got convinced at this point? No yet? Mexico still has much more to offer…   On top of what we’ve already mentioned, Mexico is also pouring investment into the sector, with a flourishing startup community which is already hunting for investment opportunities.

Probably you’re already thinking about Mexico to do business, there’s only one thing left to reinforce that idea: Money savings!…Unfortunately  (for some of us living in Mexico) due to factors such as a lethargic global economy and oil prices going down, Mexico’s currency is becoming weak; good news for foreign investors and in general for global service providers, operating costs in Mexico may represent a considerable percentage of savings for you.

In a real scenario we have ScreenIT as an example, we have helped our clients to reduce direct personnel costs like salaries, benefits, and insurance in about a 40% less in Mexico. The services fee we charge for providing office space, workstations, management, and overhead also have helped to save about 40% when compared to housing and supporting staff locally.

Having ScreenIT as a local partner, the costs of your nearshore team are fully transparent and completely in your control, you are free to coordinate with your team directly or through your appointed ScreenIT account lead.

No more worries about where to invest, trust in our country: Mexico will be your best investment, and ScreenIT is ready to be your best business partner in IT services.

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By: Jess

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