By: Jessica


Nearshoring outsourcing… is it suitable for your company?

You own a small company and are looking to leverage your business in another country. Are you considering nearshoring but are not sure about its benefits and if is a good option for you?

First of all, I´d like to let you know that nearshoring is a mighty and effective way to take your business to another level out of your Country. And secondly, I´m glad to tell you that in ScreenIT the benefits of nearshoring for mid-sized companies are the same as those for small businesses, so, YES! nearshoring is a good option for your small company too.

At ScreenIT, we strongly support small and medium sized business segments, and we certainly believe that there are untapped opportunities for nearshore outsourcing services; our delivery models are ideally suited for all market segments.

So, now that you already know that your company is a perfect candidate for nearshore services, you may probably want to know the benefits that starting a project off the ground can bring.

Nearshore outsourcing is an effective way of cutting your operational costs down by as much as a 40% reduction in hiring costs over an onshore team.

You may probably have heard about the complications that come when entrusting on geographically distant teams. People from Latin America and specially from Mexico, are culturally similar to those in the United States, so, no matter where you want to establish, there will always be an option to avoid misunderstandings due to cultural differences.

Through a nearshore outsourcing schema, you will be able to operate and expand rapidly without needing any capital expenditures. This enables you to enter into flexible agreements where you can ramp up or ramp down on a short- term notice and with minimum termination costs.

If looking for a great partner in Mexico to make an alliance, what your company can expect from making it with ScreenIT, is the mitigation of all these kind of complications. We want all businesses to realize how easy it is to establish a nearshore operation in Mexico and that they don´t need to be a large multinational corporation to do so, in fact, they can start the process to become large through the companionship of an expert.


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