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The price of Nearshore establishment

Information Technology companies require a lot of investments in terms of due diligence and consultancy fees. This can represent excessive personnel and infrastructure costs, trouble to find the perfect fit for their teams… well, a long list can be written when talking about all the necessary to set or leverage a business. A good solution for some of the difficulties that occur during some different stages of the business life cycle is the formation of a nearshore operation.

The process of establishment while having a company like ScreenIT as an extended arm in Mexico is fast and easy, keep reading to know how the pricing model for this route works.

First of all, it is important to emphasize that our pricing models may vary depending on the size of each client. For smaller scale companies, we apply the pricing model of our offshore staff leasing services. (direct employee costs + services fee = total fee). In case of more complex operations our always TRANSPARENT pricing model is based on the next formula:

Direct personnel costs: That includes base salaries, taxes, and staff benefits that you can directly budget and control.


Infrastructure fees: These fees include the supply of all the infrastructure and tools necessary. (Office space, workstation, hardware and software, servers, networking equipment, telecommunications, among others)


Total fee: Which are the costs we charge for providing and support services (management, IT and technical support, manpower acquisition, human resources management, finance and accounting, legal support, facility management, security, etc.)

By leveraging the knowledge and resources of an existing partner, you can enter a market very quickly and virtual captive rates are generally a lot lower than third party outsourcing.

Now that you have an overview of costs for nearshore operations, stay tuned to this series to find out how the nearshore process works with ScreenIT.


By Jess

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