By: Jessica

Extending or creating your software development team?

When talking about technology outsourcing offshore options, it is usual to immediately think about India.

Historically, this country has been a major competitor with Mexico.  Most of the time, IT teams are built onsite and then reinforced with the Asian talent hub.

Though creating a software development team and hiring the right tech talent has another option.

Mexico is your best talent supplier in case you’re looking for an outsourcing partner.

Reasons to find in Mexico your outsourcing partner:

– First of all, Mexico has a reliable, stable, and well-educated pool of workers which is growing at an annual rate of 2.4%.

– Also, its proximity to the United States has meant to a large segment of the workforce to be fluent in English. Mexicans educated in areas related to advanced manufacturing, high technology, and engineering are required to pass English language exams as a condition for graduation.

– In addition, thanks to recent reforms made in Mexico, our country has been investing in a more robust telecommunications infrastructure.

– Mexico owns the 5th fastest internet connection speeds in America, only behind the United States, Canada, Uruguay and Chile.

– Furthermore, it is also the second country with the highest number of IPv4 addresses in Latin America, with almost 14.2 million unique addresses, just behind Brazil and owning about the same total as Canada.

– In addition, time zones make a point for Mexico, it is similar to neighbors in the North.

– Regarding holidays topics, Mexico has 7 days per year deduce what this can mean to your business.

– About work alignment issues, people work from Monday to Friday and if required Saturdays too.

– Thinking about traveling to your nearshore location?, there is 6 hours distance to major U.S. cities from Mexico.

– Visas are an important matter to consider, Mexico is accepting more skilled people from abroad.


Hence, there are many advantages for Mexico when compared to other offshore options.

IT outsourcing services can be delivered from well-established locations in the companionship of a great partner such as ScreenIT.

Our services are mainly Staff Leasing  (we help you identify and gather the best IT talent) and Virtual Captive (we set facilities in Mexico for the team to be). To better understand how we work, just take 1 minute to see our video.

Through our services, we offer a highly effective way of starting nearshore operations. Do not worry about due diligence, costs, and long-term commitments to start your own Mexico-based corporation.

ScreenIT is ready to help you build your IT team in Mexico!

We await to serve you! Please contact us. Best regards!

The ScreenIT Team